Gender Equality and Development – Overview (Self-paced)
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Gender Equality and Development – Overview (Self-paced)

Based on the contents of the 2012 World Development Report (WDR) on Gender Equality and Development, and designed to meet the need for "just-in-time" learning and accommodate professional and day-to-day lives, this course will help you: identify the characteristics and development impacts of greater gender equality; explain and articulate the main gender gaps that have been closed and the challenges that still persist; and recommend effective means of international support for gender equality.

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- Mar 9, 2022
awesome course


- Jan 30, 2021
Very informative


- Jan 8, 2021
great course


- Dec 29, 2020
Great course! I felt well informed about gender and development issues from a wider perspective.

Saint-Martin Kodjovi

- Dec 20, 2020
Very informative!


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course

Christine Omulako

- Aug 26, 2020
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- Jun 26, 2020
Can you obtain a certificate of completion at the end of the course?

Placidus Kenechi

- May 18, 2020
Thank you most sincerely. I found the course very useful and relevant to my work.


- Mar 10, 2020
Is it a certificate course? Is there any certificate course one can do and download the certificate after evaluation?
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