Gender and Extractive Industries

A series of 6 short notes, summarizing issues and Bank activities, to address the gender dimensions of the extractive industries. The notes cover: an overview of gender issues in the extractive industries, gender in artisanal and small-scale mining, women's employment in the extractive industries, women in small and medium enterprises related to the extractive industries, women's leadership in ... view more


Gender and the Extractive Industries: An Overview

An overview of key issues around gender and the extractive industries


Women's Employment in the Extractive Industries

Challenges and opportunities to increase women's formal employment in the extractive industries


Women in the Supply ChainAn examination of challenges and opportunities to create opportunities for women in extractives supply chains


Women in Artisanal and Small Scale MiningAn examination of the gender dimensions of artisanal and small scale mining, and the Bank's engagement on the topic


Women's Leadership in the Extractive Industries: An InfographicAn infographic looking at how women are represented in leadership in extractive industries companies, and the business case for increasing their representation


Strategies for Mainstreaming Gender in the Extractive IndustriesKey strategies for government, civil society, and industry to address the challenges outlined in these notes

About the Presenters

Katherine Heller

Katherine Heller is a Social Development Specialist, focusing on the social and gender dimensions of extractive industries. Her experience in the sector spans Africa, Asia and the Caribbean, including Madagascar, Tanzania, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, and Trinidad and Tobago. The scale of her expertise includes work on the gendered impacts of operations and benefit sharing, capacity building and local supply chain development, and participatory monitoring of the public and private sectors. She is an author and contributor to several publications on corporate-community interface in the extractives sector, and on gender and the extractive industries, including a recent toolkit on the gender dimensions of artisanal and small-scale mining, and an upcoming publication on gender dimensions of the oil and gas sectors.

Isabel Cane

Dr Isabel Cane is an Independent Consultant focused on the social aspects of the Extractives Industry. Isabel has over a decade of experience working in communities and advising on gender related policy across multiple stakeholders.