Gender in Agriculture (Self-paced)
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Gender in Agriculture (Self-paced)

Women play a vital role as agricultural producers and as agents of food and nutritional security. Yet relative to men, they have less access to productive assets such as land and services such as finance and extension. A variety of constraints impinge upon their ability to participate in collective action as members of agricultural cooperative or water user associations. In both centralized and decentralized governance systems, women tend to lack political voice.

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- Jun 29, 2022
Actually women play important role in agriculture starting from product to value chain.yet they have limited access to extension services,soft loans, culture limits their access to land.for any economy to be strong, Agriculture need to boosted and to reduce malnutrition then nutrition sensitive agriculture most be practice and women should be given more consideration.


- Jun 29, 2022
This is timely,women and children are the most vulnerable. Empowering women with knowledge and skills will help mitigate

Mahaman Mourtala

- Nov 8, 2021

Amina Muhammad

- Sep 23, 2021
Gender mainstreaming is a very important aspect in agriculture.


- Aug 13, 2021
I Cant access the course from module 6. the slides have no information. Any help please


- May 11, 2021
I am having issues accessing the modules from 5 downwards. Kindly help.


- Jan 8, 2021
excellent course


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course

Luc Arnauld

- Oct 15, 2020
Excellent coourse!


- Aug 14, 2020
Excellent Course! Great insights!
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