Knowledge Note

"Learn how the GEF seeks to revitalize food, urban, and energy systems for a climate-resilient future."

The shared global commons—the land, oceans, and atmosphere we share, and the ecosystems they host—are under severe threat from ever more powerful human activities. These bode a major crisis, and a new approach is quintessential to tackle it through transformational change within global food, urban, and energy systems.

To help catalyze this transformation, the strategy for The Global Environmental Facility's latest four-year investment cycle (known as GEF-7) is explicitly focused on addressing change within these key systems. Learn more about the GEF’s work in climate change mitigation and adaptation through this publication, as they seek to support and scale climate change solutions in pursuit of systemic transformation.

This report was authored and published by The Global Environmental Facility (GEF). To learn more about the GEF, please click here.