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Freedom to Move - Part III: Safety on Public Transport

Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a global pandemic that affects 1 in 3 women in their lifetime. VAWG is not exclusive of the private sphere; unfortunately, is also common in public spaces. A 2015 study across 22 countries produced by Cornell University shows that 50% of the women interviewed had suffered some form of violence in the public space. Other studies have shown prevalence levels of sexual harassment in public transport that are alarming. This situation is even more worrying considering that women normally make a larger share of users of public transport then men. Several cities have put into place different mechanisms to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and violence in public transport. Some of these measures focus on temporary solutions as women-only cars to mitigate the immediate danger, while others look to address the problem by trying to change gender norms and promote communities’ involvement through bystander interventions. This webinar will showcase some relevant interventions from WB-financed operations to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls in public transport, in Lima, Sierra Leone and Quito.

About the Presenters

Alejandro Hoyos Guerrero

Alejandro Hoyos Guerrero is a Senior Transport Specialist in the World Bank´s Transport and ICT Global Practice. He works on urban transport projects mainly in the Latin America and the Caribbean Region. Alejandro is passionate about how to maximize the sustainability and impact of transport projects from various perspectives. Among others, design and implementation of national urban transport programs, structuring of Metro and BRT projects and reform of bus systems, private participation in urban transport, intelligent transport systems and electric buses. He is passionate about the challenge of maximizing the sustainability and impact of transportation projects. He received an LL.M. and a BA in Economics from Carlos III University of Madrid complemented by a MA in international business administration funded by ICEX. He joined the Bank as an Operations Analyst in 2012

Fatima Arroyo

Fatima Arroyo-Arroyo is a Senior Urban Transport Specialist at the World Bank, based in Dakar. She is also the acting Pillar Lead of Urban Mobility in the Sub Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program (SSATP). She supports the urban mobility agenda in West and Southern Africa regions. Fatima is an enthusiast of integrating multidisciplinary dimensions in transport projects, such as fragility considerations, climate adaptation and technology. She leads urban transport projects with a focus in vulnerable groups, non-motorized transport, public transportation and the formalization of informal transport operators, especially in fragile environments. Before joining Africa region, she supported the urban transport and urban railway agenda in Latin-America and East Asia. She holds a Master´s in Civil Engineering from École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. She also holds a Master in International Business Administration.

Sofía Guerrero

Sofía Guerrero is a Spanish Civil Engineer, with a Master in Business Administration by the Instituto de Empresa. I was recognised in 2016 by the WICE (Women in Construction and Engineering) awards as the “Best Woman Civil Engineer”, in appreciation of her contribution in the industry. She has been based for the last 4 years for the WB in Lima Country Office, where she has been leading a very well-balanced transport portfolio that includes main investment in the urban context (BRT, metro) as well as broader national connectivity programs, among others. Sofia also have been involved in country and regional initiatives on gender equality within the transport sector, as well as Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. She is now based in Europe and Central Asia (ECA) region Before she joined the WB 4 years ago, Sofía worked for 18 years for one of the world's leading infrastructure operators, with an extensive background in the construction of underground infrastructure projects, in Madrid and in London, where she worked for Crossrail project among others.

Moderator: Bianca Bianchi Alves

Bianca Bianchi Alves is a Senior Urban Transport Specialist from the World Bank and PhD in Transport Engineering from the Polytechnic School of Sao Paulo. Her academic work focuses on travel behavior, reliability and demand modeling for transport. She has 20 years of experience working with planning and implementation of passenger rail, bus rapid transit, and roads, both in Latin America and the US. Since joining the Bank, she has been working with Rail/BRT Projects, clean technologies, urban logistics, and sustainable transport policies.

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