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Foundations of Social Inclusion: What You Need to Know

Excluded people exist in all countries, making social inclusion a universal concern. It is relevant for developing countries and for developed economies. It is also an important element of the post-MDG development agenda. For policy makers and development practitioners, understanding the underlying processes of exclusion and inclusion is an important step in diagnosing and addressing the problem. This webinar is an introduction to fundamental concepts and processes related to social inclusion. It will provide answers to questions such as “What is social inclusion?” and “Who gets excluded and why?” The presenter will draw important distinctions between social exclusion and related concepts of inequality, poverty, and discrimination. The session will use definitions, operating framework, and examples from the recent World Bank Group report “Inclusion Matters” and from other relevant publications on the subject.

About the Presenters

Maitreyi Bordia Das

Target Audience

Development practitioners

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Jes�s Manuel

- May 1, 2018
great, liked and shared!


- Jul 30, 2017
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