Foundations of Learning
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Foundations of Learning

This learning path introduces the principles and methodology that are the basis for all the learning experiences on this site. It consists of three learning experiences: Maximizing Learning introduces some key theories and techniques that are the basis for our approach to training. (Duration: 30 minutes) The Training Lifecycle introduces the industry standard methodology for providing high-quality training products and services. (Duration: 25 minutes) Ethics for Performance and Learning Professionals helps you consider the best way to respond to common ethical dilemmas training professionals face. It offers a tool and guidance for how to make decisions that protect and enhance you, your business, and the profession as a whole in both the short and long term. (Duration: 20 minutes)

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- Jun 19, 2022
Amazing learning process I've ever experienced! Definitely, I'm enriched. Thanks to OLC team.


- Mar 21, 2022
What a learning experience. I will surely apply it in my teaching. Thanks, WBG-OLC for this learning opportunity.


- Dec 20, 2021
This course was very educative and practicable in my daily work.

Dr. Patrick

- Oct 13, 2021
The course is loaded with lots of good and relevant information, excellently delivered.


- Nov 12, 2021
Dr. Patrick, we appreciate your feedback. We are delighted that you found it very helpful.


- Sep 3, 2021
this is an insightful course


- Nov 12, 2021
Olivia, thank you so much for your positive feedback. We greatly appreciate it.

Don Azubike

- Aug 25, 2021
I loved this course a lot.


- Aug 26, 2021
That's great to know! Many thanks for sharing your feedback, Don.

Syed Maaz

- Aug 2, 2021
This course was very interesting, detailed and easy to understand
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