FORCIBLY DISPLACED: Toward a Development Approach Supporting Refugees, the Internally Displaced, and Their Hosts

The Syrian refugee crisis has galvanized attention to one of the world’s foremost challenges: forced displacement. The total number of refugees and internally displaced persons, now at over 65 million, continues to grow as violent conflict spikes. 95 percent of the displaced lives are in developing countries and over half are in displacement for more than four years. This report, view more


While refugees often endure displacement for many years, half of today’s refugees have been displaced for four years or less. If we focus our efforts early, development interventions could deliver even greater impacts for refugees and their communities.


Large movements of people are fueling xenophobic reactions, even in high-income countries, and this could threaten the consensus that is underpinning global economic growth. The report examines available data to better understand the scope of the challenge, and emphasizes the need to support host communities manage the arrival of large numbers of people.