Foodborne Illnesses and Personnel Hygiene
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Foodborne Illnesses and Personnel Hygiene

This training course is based on internationally recognized food safety requirements, including best industry practices and includes the following topics: 1.Importance of personnel hygiene to prevent foodborne illness and protect vulnerable groups of people. 2.Hygiene requirements for personnel 3.Detailed instructions and practical recommendations for effective hand washing 4.Required hand washing facilities Knowledge check exercise

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- Feb 8, 2021


- Feb 3, 2021
Hi all Happy to join this forum


- Jan 11, 2021

Jared Troy

- Oct 29, 2020
Great content. Thank you.


- Oct 9, 2020
Nice and timely training .

Zaklina Marta

- Oct 7, 2020
I completed this course twice already, and it is not showing as completed, despite the message I get at the end of the quiz.


- Oct 7, 2020
I would like to join however depending on the date... thxs for this initiative


- Sep 24, 2020
Great course in the pipe line


- Sep 24, 2020
I'll love to join this course please.
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