Fishing for a Sustainable Future

This panel discusses the importance of fisheries to Pacific Island nations. Panelists include Transform Aqorau, CEO of the Parties of the Nauru Agreement Office (PNAO); Kate Barclay, Associate professor, University of Technology Sydney and; John Virdin, Director, Ocean & Coastal Policy; Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University. The global fish market is big business – worth a staggering USD 137.7 billion annually. The management of the world's fisheries, like many of our precious natural resources, is a challenging and complex system, driven by factors of territory, politics, culture and revenue. In the Pacific, one the biggest challenges ensuring the long-term sustainability and viability of coastal and ocean fisheries – both as a source of food and a source of significant income. A recent increase in foreign fishing vessels in Pacific waters is pushing Pacific Island governments to consider policies which will ensure a greater share of fishing revenue is captured, while protecting the region's environment. Throughout the discussion, the panelists consider many issues, including how Pacific Island countries can capture a greater share of the revenue earned from fish captured in their waters; and whether regional cooperation between nations can effectively drive reform.

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Great Course!


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- Dec 18, 2019
Fishing for a Sustainable Future


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Great efforts


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Fishing for a Sustainable Future
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