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Financing and Funding Kenyan PPPs – Emerging Trends and Issues

This is a joint initiative of the World Bank Group and the PPP Unit Kenya. PPP projects of all sizes have faced challenges securing commercial financing. Governments have therefore attempted to improve the bankability of projects using key support instruments in the form of equity, debt, grants, guarantees, fiscal incentives, and specific contract clauses based on project needs. Often governments do this on a case-by-case basis through customized solutions, and it can also be done by preparing frameworks and standard operating procedures for the use of these instruments. All of these instruments, particularly grants and guarantees, can be powerful mechanisms of risk sharing provided they are used judiciously. This webinar will look at the role of tolls, viability gap financing, and other forms of funding and financing required to make PPPs in Kenya successful. There will be a focus on issues in financing and funding Kenya’s flagship PPP projects in the transport and social sectors.

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About the Presenters

Nick Allen

Nick Allen is an independent financial adviser on PPPs and infrastructure projects. He is a former partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where enjoyed a 25-year career working in the UK, Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. During that time he led the firm’s PPP and infrastructure advisory businesses in East and West Africa and Central and Eastern Europe, working across a range of infrastructure sectors including transport, energy, social, telecoms, environment, and accommodation.

He has worked independently for the last five years and is PPP Adviser to Kenya’s PPP Unit and TradeMark East Africa, among other assignments.

Clemens Calice

Clemens started his career in investment banking, first at Morgan Stanley and subsequently at Goldman Sachs. Throughout his banking career, Clemens focused extensively on the natural resources and commodities sector while working in Singapore, New York, and London. His expertise includes corporate finance advisory, structured commodity financings, risk management, and principal investing.

Clemens has significant experience working in emerging markets, including Russia, FSU, and Africa, and has executed a number of innovative and novel financings. For example, he structured the first asset-based commodity linked financing in the U.S. power sector following Enron’s collapse, and he structured one of the largest commodity contract monetization for an African based oil company. Clemens acted both as underwriter and principal and has made various commodity related investments.

Clemens is a founding partner of Lion’s Head, the Fund Manager of the African Local Currency Bond Fund, which invests in local currency corporate bonds across Africa. He oversees the investment process and manages the Fund’s currency risk management. He works extensively with local governments, parastatals, and private sector businesses with a focus on capital markets and financial innovation.

Clemens holds a MA Degree in Computer Science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and a MA in Business Administration from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Rupinder Kaur Rai

Rupi is a Public-Private Partnerships Consultant in the World Bank Group’s PPP Group. She has worked in PPPs and international development for the past three years, and supports the creation and use of the PPP Group’s analytical tools and knowledge products. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, she designed executive training sessions in PPPs and advised private and public sector clients during her tenure as a Senior Researcher at the Johns Hopkins SAIS PPP Initiative. Rupi has co-authored reports on China and India’s institutional environment for PPPs, and advocates the use of innovative frameworks to help solve complex problems in PPPs. Rupi graduated from Johns Hopkins SAIS with an MA in International Relations and Economics and earned a BA and MA from the University of Vienna in International Development and Political Science.

Target Audience

World Bank Group staff; consultants; policymakers in client countries

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Financing and Funding Kenyan PPPs
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