Knowledge Note

"Learn about the positive impact of growing exports on economic and social well-being".

South Asia’s economy has grown rapidly, and the region has made a significant reduction in poverty. However, the available jobs for the growing working population remain limited. Policy makers are hence contending with lingering concerns about jobless growth and poor job quality.

The report, Exports to Jobs: Boosting the Gains from Trade in South Asia, posits that exports could bring higher wages and better jobs to South Asia. This report further shows that to spread the benefits from higher exports widely, policies are needed to raise skills and get certain groups, such as women and youth, into more and better jobs. Complementary measures include removing trade barriers and investing in infrastructure, and increasing the ability of workers to find higher-paying jobs. Together, these actions would help South Asian countries spread the gains from being closely integrated into the global economy through exporting.

This report Overview is part of a book produced in partnership by the International Labour Organization and the World Bank, and contributes to existing scholarship regarding the impact that growing exports can have on increasing well-being. To read the full report, please click here . To learn more about the International Labour Organization, one of the co-producers of this report, please click here .