Knowledge Note

"Disruptive technologies in agriculture enable farmers and agribusiness entrepreneurs to leapfrog current methods to increase their productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness"

Agri-tech solutions range from mobile apps to solar applications, to portable agriculture devices, to bio-fortified foods. Disruptive agricultural technologies (DATs) differ from other agri-tech solutions in that they empower farmers by either (i) accelerating agri-food outcomes by multiple folds (3-5x) and/or by (ii) circumventing the conventions of the value chain to achieve the same/better results —  but with a more efficient agri-food outcome. 

First, DATs help farmers by reducing the costs of linking various actors of the agri-food system both within and across countries through providing, processing, and analyzing an increasing amount of data faster. Second, DATs help farmers make more precise decisions about resource management through accurate, timely, and location-specific price, weather, and agronomic data and information that is becoming increasingly important in the context of climate change. Third, DATs can make smallholders and especially marginalized farmers more competitive by leveling the playing field.