Knowledge Note

"Active labor market policies aim to generate a higher number and better employment opportunities."

The government of Myanmar is committed to creating new and better jobs, including for migrant workers. In 2018, they introduced the Myanmar sustainable development plan (2018-2030), a national strategy to inform policies and institutions that drive inclusive and transformational economic growth. Goal 3 of that plan focuses on job creation and private sector-led growth, and it includes separate strategies for job creation in rural areas, in industry and services, and in small and medium enterprises (SMEs); another part of goal 3 addresses the need to improve the enabling environment for investment. Protecting the rights and harnessing the benefits of work, including for migrant workers, is likewise addressed in the government’s plan. 

This Executive Summary is part of the Labor Mobility As a Jobs Strategy for Myanmar report that shows how active labor market policies that aim to generate a higher number and better employment opportunities can be adjusted to the needs of job seekers on the move. The report examines these adjustments for different types of active labor market policies. Click HERE to read the full report.