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Every Breath You Tech - Technological Innovation for Air Quality Management

"A range of emerging technologies are providing new hope to scale-up improved management of our air quality."

Air Pollution is the most deadly environmental risk, with outdoor and indoor air quality resulting in about seven million premature deaths annually. A range of emerging technologies are providing new hope to scale-up improved management of our air quality.  This includes new digital tools to collect data (from in-situ and earth observation), analyze data, and access and visualize the results through interactive dashboards and decision-support tools. Can we do more to use these tools to modernize our approach to addressing this critical environmental issue?

Come and listen to short informative presentations from an excellent set of global experts who are strongly motivated by the use of technology in this context. This includes:

We hope this inspires our teams to support our clients in pursuing more innovation to address the threat of air pollution.

See disruptive tech in action!

About the Presenters

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep

Global Lead (Disruptive Technology), Environment, Natural Resources, and Blue Economy (ENB) GP, The World Bank

In almost 25 years at the Bank, Harsh has led and been part of a range of environmental, water, and other natural resources projects and analytical work across the world. He also leads the Disruptive KIDS (Knowledge, Information & Data Services) Helpdesk.  He holds a Ph.D. in Environment and Water Resources Systems from Harvard University, a Masters in Environment and Resource Engineering from Syracuse, and a B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT-Madras and has worked with a range of institutions and initiatives on environment, water, and technology.

Anna Giaquinto

Chief Executive Officer, Globally Unified Air Quality (GUAQ)

Anna developed a passion for air quality after witnessing the devastating effects of pollution in her own community. As GUAQ’s Chief Executive Officer, Anna develops company strategies, builds critical business connections, and establishes market outreach plans. She has previous experience launching a startup as the Chief Financial Officer at Zac’s Sweet Shop, as well as technical experience garnered from technology internships at M&T Bank and LenderLogix. Anna is a senior at Georgetown University studying Accounting and Computer Science. She currently serves on the Board of the Georgetown University Accounting Society.


Neal Singal

Chief Financial Officer, Globally Unified Air Quality 

Neal is driven by GUAQ's mission because of his background from New Delhi, India rated by the WHO as the world's worst city based on their Air Quality Index (AQI). As Chief Financial Officer, he has been involved in fundraising initiatives, client engagement, and working with Innovo Consulting and Georgetown Ventures. He has previous professional experience in Investment Banking at Mizuho Securities and Quantitative Analysis at ABN AMRO. At Georgetown, he is on the Board of the Zeeba Investment Group, an emerging markets-focused investment fund, and serves as a member of the Executive Board of the Georgetown Real Estate Investment Fund. He is currently pursuing a BSBA at Georgetown University in Finance and Operations & Information Management. 

Michael Bartholic

Chief Technology Officer, Globally Unified Air Quality

A life-long asthmatic, Michael knows well the concern for not being able to breathe clearly. As Chief Technology Officer, his goals for the coming months are hardware/software testing and streamlining assembly of our new custom-designed hardware to be ready for upcoming pilots and larger-scale production. Michael’s experience includes positions as Continuous Integration & Testing Engineer and server-side Software Developer at IAM Robotics, directing robotics and high altitude weather balloon projects as President of the Georgetown University Technology and Engineering Club (GUTEC), and leading a nationally ranked competitive robotics team as Lead Software Developer. Michael is studying Computer Science and Mathematics at Georgetown University. He is also a published Computer Science researcher in the domain of Smart Contract based Incentive Mechanisms. 

Sarath Guttikunda

Founder/Director, Urbanemissions.Info and IndiaAirQuality.Info

Dr. Guttikunda is a chemical engineer, atmospheric scientist, TED fellow, and founder of Urban Emissions (India). His main research interest is air quality analysis and finding ways to bridge the gap between science and policy. Their current umbrella program hosts India's only air quality forecasts dissemination platform for all districts and also anchors the air pollution knowledge assessments (APnA) showcasing emissions, pollution, and source contribution information for city airsheds in India and other countries. He was a member of India's AQI formulation committee (2014) and is a member of WHO's air quality guidelines development group since 2016.

Ayala Rudoy

Director of Sales, ClimaCell

Ayala leads the Air Quality business solutions in ClimaCell, working with a variety of customers who care about environmental data such as Ford, Porsche, CabinAir, AuraAir,, and many more. ClimaCell is the only company in the world to provide both hyper-local weather & hyper-local air quality. They will present the science behind their global high-resolution air quality solution and will share how customers are using their environmental insights to improve the health of millions of people. You can learn more about their offering here.

Hrishikesh Patel (Hrishi)

Spatial Data Specialist, ENB GP, The World Bank

Hrishi has provided technical expertise and capacity building at the World Bank since 2008 on GIS and Remote Sensing, Knowledge Management, and the use of  ICT and Disruptive Technology for projects. He holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Geography from Ohio Wesleyan University and a Master’s degree from Boston University in Geography specializing in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing with a focus on Environmental Science.  Hrishi has supported projects, research activities, and initiatives in multiple sectors with a primary focus on Environment and Natural Resources Management, Water Resources Management, Agriculture, Disaster Risk Management, and Climate Change portfolios. He is also a core part of the Knowledge, Information and Data Services (KIDS) team that supports technical services in collaboration with the ITS GeoLab, including using cloud-based big data analytics for geospatial analysis using platforms such as Google Earth Engine.  He will showcase some of the growing range of air quality data and analytics currently accessible at the Bank.

Joseph Ese Akpokodje

 Senior Environmental Specialist, ENB GP, The World Bank

Joseph has been working with the Bank since 2005 in our Abuja office.  He has led and worked on a number of environment-related analytics and operations.  He is currently working on activities to monitor and improve air quality in Lagos, which is on track to be the most populous city by the end of this century.

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La contaminación del aire es el riesgo ambiental más mortal, y la calidad del aire exterior e interior resulta en aproximadamente siete millones de muertes prematuras al año, y ahora agravada por el covid19

jose luis

- Apr 26, 2021
las tecnologías emergentes van hacer un mundo mejor y su ves están brindando nuevas esperanzas para ampliar la gestión mejorada de la calidad del aire. La contaminación del aire es el riesgo ambiental más mortal, y la calidad del aire exterior e interior resulta en aproximadamente siete millones de muertes prematuras al año. Una variedad de tecnologías emergentes brindan nuevas esperanzas para ampliar la gestión mejorada de la calidad del aire

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