Environmental and Social Framework - ESF Fundamentals

Environmental and Social Framework - ESF Fundamentals

This course aims to provide an in-depth introduction to the elements of the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework. The Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) offers broad and systematic coverage of environmental and social risks. It responds to new and varied development challenges that have arisen over time. For more information, please visit: worldbank.org/esf

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- Aug 12, 2020
I finished this course 3 days ago, but it has reflected in the list of completed courses.


- Jul 20, 2020
Just enrolled but the slides are not running. Somebody help.


- Jul 16, 2020
Hi! I can´t enroll on the course, apparently due to problems on the web page. Is that ok? How can I do with it? Thanks a lot!


- Jul 14, 2020
I cant enroll in the course... I would be glad if anyone could help

Amina Muhammad

- Jun 25, 2020
This is quiet a very educating course even though complicated but navigating through the modules gave me a better understanding of some of the things I was trained on.

Amina Muhammad

- Jun 19, 2020
Hello my colleagues, I have registered for the course but could not access the study materials or modules. Pls help me move further.

Aung Ko Ko

- Jul 19, 2020
I also faced with this issue.

Amina Muhammad

- Jun 14, 2020
Hello house. I find it difficult to enroll, can anyone help me


- Jun 14, 2020
I think this link will help you. http://pubdocs.worldbank.org/en/471581568050794105/OLC-registration-instructions.pdf


- Jun 9, 2020
Hello! Once I click on enroll I get the following message: (120444) User record doesn't exist. Please contact system administrator. Could anyone help? My email is serenawb@gmail.com
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