Environmental and Social Framework - ESF Fundamentals
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Environmental and Social Framework - ESF Fundamentals

This course aims to provide an in-depth introduction to the elements of the World Bank Environmental and Social Framework. The Environmental and Social Framework (ESF) offers broad and systematic coverage of environmental and social risks. It responds to new and varied development challenges that have arisen over time. For more information, please visit: worldbank.org/esf

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- Jun 30, 2022
Its a good course and gives an insight of the ESS and how they are applied to a particular project


- Jun 24, 2022
i have some difficult to apply ESF training. please i hope help. thanks

jose luis

- May 31, 2022
muy bueno


- May 19, 2022
I enjoyed the course. It was an eye opener and I got to understand the banks ESSF and their importance and significance


- May 4, 2022
I am working as Sr. Social Development Specialist in World Bank funded project in Bharat. It is really helps me to systematically understand the whole Environment and Social Management framework and its importance in project sustainability.


- Apr 18, 2022
The course is so much educative and highly practical. Thanks WBG


- Mar 23, 2022


- Feb 22, 2022
I am working at WBG funded project in Ethiopia. Its helpful course. Thanks WBG


- Feb 20, 2022
It's the great opportunity to learn about ESS procedures, is crucial for project implementation.


- Jan 24, 2022
After i listen to the audio were do I click to proceed with Module 1
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