Enhancing Urban Resilience in Ghana's Greter Accra Region

The Greater Accra Region in Ghana is one of the fastest growing cities in West Africa, currently hosting over 4 million people. The regional economy accounts for about 25 percent of Ghana's national GDP. However, the unprecedented population growth and unplanned spatial expansion have exceeded the capacity of the city to keep up, resulting in housing shortages, urban sprawl, and informal settlements with inadequate urban services. This makes the Greater Accra Region vulnerable to a range of shocks. This was made clear in June 2015 when the region was deeply impacted by floods which affected over 50,000 people. Working with the World Bank, the Government of Ghana has identified the main issues that make the Greater Accra region vulnerable and formed a forward-looking strategy to create a more resilient Greater Accra Region that can better withstand the impact of disasters and reap the benefits associated with urban growth.

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