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ENB Weekly - June 9, 2021 - Reimagining Virtual Missions

"How do we make virtual missions more effective at the World Bank by leveraging emerging technology?"

Periodic mission travel to our client countries has been the main paradigm for discussions with clients on operational projects and Advisory Services and Analytics (ASAs) for decades. Our ongoing pandemic-related travel restrictions have forced us to rethink this paradigm and conduct primarily “virtual missions” for our work. How do we make these virtual missions more effective at the World Bank by leveraging emerging technology?

Come and discover the rapidly evolving world of new tech - high-resolution satellite data, drone services, 360-degree video cameras, geospatial data, geotagged crowdsourcing, scenario analysis, VR/AR, continuous monitoring with “digital twins” and collaborative meetings - as brought to you by the KIDS!  See how these have been used and reimagine your upcoming operational virtual missions.

See Disruptive Tech in Action!

About the Presenters

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep (Harsh)

Global Lead for Disruptive Technology, Natural Resources and Blue Economy Global Practice (ENB GP)

The Disruptive KIDS (Knowledge, Information & Data Services) Helpdesk

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- Sep 14, 2021
Great Webinar


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- Aug 11, 2021
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- Jun 15, 2021
bueno no se puede no se puede
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