Knowledge Note

The rapid diffusion of increasingly sophisticated mobile devices, particularly in the developing world, has created many new opportunities for online interactions between government, businesses, and civil society. Many examples already exist of mobile applications that allow citizens and businesses to request services, report problems with public infrastructure, and even declare and pay tax liabilities. While for many years governments have utilized their websites to collect general feedback on service delivery or proposed laws and regulations, moving these capabilities to mobile devices can enable immediate feedback on customer experiences after the delivery of a particular service. This provides management of public agencies greater ability to quickly identify performance issues, obtain constructive suggestions for reform, and communicate progress back to the customers who provided the feedback. Mobiles also offer the opportunity for public agencies to disseminate information about reforms faster and more reliably since mobile network coverage, particularly in developing countries, is much more widespread than terrestrial Internet access.

About the Presenters

John R. Wille

Courtney S. Roberts