Since the early 1990s, the East Asia and Pacific Region has seen remarkable economic growth and a significant reduction in the number of people living on less than 1.25USD a day (more than 50 percent decrease since 1990). However the growth witnessed has not benefited men and women equally. Rural women in particular are still facing barriers in accessing productive assets, such as land, financial capital, and agricultural extension services. The projects highlighted in this Note have used different ways to identify rural women’s needs and introduced various ways to address them. As stated in the WDR 2012 “gender equality is both an important development objective in its own right as well as good development policy.” This Note discusses how World Bank projects have identified and addressed gender inequality in rural development in the EAP Region. Projects range from agriculture to fisheries and rural finance. It presents planned actions and steps made toward women’s empowerment; and highlights lessons learned that could inform future development interventions.

About the Presenters

Victoria Stanley

Marialena Vyzaki