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Efficient, Clean Cooking and Heating (ECCH) Community of Practice

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- May 26, 2020


- May 14, 2020
Good initiative


- May 4, 2020
good morning


- Apr 16, 2020
Good learning opportunity


- Mar 16, 2020
The use of fuelwood, which is renewable source for energy for cooking with efficient stove and appropriate ventilation in kitchen, is sustainable solution for energy security in developing countries especially in India. In fact, so called clean fuels from fossil and non- renewable sources are relatively more responsible for GHG's emission than fuelwood, if we use life cycle assessment.

Aiyelabowo Akeem

- Feb 2, 2020
In terms if cooking for the large family or occasional events, traditional cooking practise seems best as it reduces the cost of fuel or gasses; it gives the food a kind of pleasant aroma and also fast to cook the food. Now the modern days cooking tools like kerosine and gas are best for nuclear family or smaller group. In term of health wise, both has advantages & disadvantages. Though traditional cooking tools is meant to be used in an open space for the flame & smoke to reduce the risk of fire accident but also prone to environmental pollution. Then Modern tools used inside the house can also be dangerous as they are many domestic accident cause by these tools. Most especially this season. Hygienically, modern ways of cooking is preferable but it depends on the personal hygiene of the cook. Cleanliness is the key to healthy live too.


- Feb 1, 2020
That's quite interesting!


- Dec 23, 2019
Very interesting initiative


- Nov 10, 2019
Good one


- Nov 10, 2019
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