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Eco-Industrial Parks

"Integrating circularity into industrial parks requires new technologies and business models."

Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs) are an effective approach to achieving a circular economy and increasing the competitiveness of firms and industry sectors. Greening the supply chain and alleviating resource constraints, waste and pollution through circular economy practices, can lead to improved resource management, resource conservation, and reduced climate impacts, consequently paving the way for a more competitive industrial ecosystem.

This session aims to address how EIPs are used as a tool to enhance the circularity of depletable resources at industrial parks by introducing new business models and habitual behavior change to alleviate dependence on those resources consequently creating a positive contribution to climate action. It also touches on how EIPs create an enabling environment to replace fossil fuel with renewable energy resources and bio-based fuel, transform waste into energy, raw material, and by-products, and strengthen infrastructure capability for sustainable utilization of potable water and recirculation of wastewater. In turn, and in line with circular economy goals, EIPs help achieve more cost-efficient production processes that are resilient to price fluctuations and resource scarcity.

About the Presenters

Mareike Boll

Advisor, GIZ Competence Center Environment, Germany

Mareike Boll is an advisor in the GIZ Competence Center Environment in Germany, working mainly on the development of Sustainable Industrial Areas.

Nilgün Taş

Deputy Director, UNIDO

Nilgün Taş is the Deputy Director of the Department of Environment and Chief for the Industrial Resource Efficiency Division at UNIDO; she also leads UNIDO’s cross-departmental team for circular economy.

Paban Chowdhury

Executive Chairman, BEZA, Bangladesh

Paban Chowdhury is the acting Executive Chairman of Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) under Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh.

Marian Chertow

Professor, Yale School, Director, Industrial Ecology

Marian Chertow is a professor of industrial environmental management at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and Director of the Center for Industrial Ecology.

Hannes Utikal

Head, Provadis Hochschule, Frankfurt Höchst

Hannes Utikal is head of the Center for Industry and Sustainability at Provadis Hochschule, a university of applied sciences based at the industrial park Frankfurt Höchst.

Sangjoon An

Project Manager, KNCPC, Korea

Sangjoon An is a project manager at Korea National Cleaner Production Center (KNCPC) in the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH).

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