Earth Observation for Integrated Water Resource Management

"How do free and open satellite data streams provide new avenues for the provision of satellite-based information?"

Christian Tottrup (DHI GRAS, EO4SD consortium) speaks about how the latest generation of free and open satellite data streams provides new avenues for the provision of satellite-based information to support water resource management including better options... view more


Part 1: More Space for Sustainable Development - Dr. Christoph Aubrecht provides a brief intro to European Space Agency's (ESA) strategic partnership with the World Bank.


Part 2: From Piloting to Mainstreaming - How do we move beyond small-scale piloting to a portfolio level so there is a more strategic and regional integration within The World Bank? 


Part 3: Water resource management needs to depend on timely and reliable information and EO is able to estimate the major components of the hydrological cycle.  The bite video highlights how Earth Observation (EO) has supported World Bank projects with different water resource challenges.


Part 4: EO data from new generation of satellite sensors combined with data from long-term archives have the potential to support sustainable development. Watch the bite video to learn about the challenges and EO based solutions for Lake Titicaca, Water Hyacinths and Irrigation Mapping. 


Part 5: Gain perspectives on the Sahel irrigation initiative started by different heads of state to improve irrigation management in the Sahelian continuum, the zone stretching from Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Chad. 


Part 6: Watch the bite video to learn about the training and demonstrative work on water resources, ground water and environement in the Sahel area. (Video mainly in French)

About the Presenters

Christian Tøttrup

Senior Project Manager, DHI GRAS, EO4SD-water Consortium Lead

Christian Tottrup is a leading GIS and Earth Observation Scientist in DHI GRAS with nearly 20 years of experience in providing specialised remote sensing and GIS technical services to projects worldwide. A particular focus has been on the use of remote sensing, GIS and geospatial analysis for understanding environmental dynamics and their relationship to water resources management. 


Christoph Aubrecht

Senior Geospatial Strategist, European Space Agency Representative to the World Bank

Chris Aubrecht represents the European Space Agency (ESA) at the World Bank, providing strategic advice and coordinating collaborative activities. ESA’s Earth Observation for Sustainable Development #EO4SD initiative provides support to International Financial Institutions in increasing uptake of Earth Observation with the aim of long-term mainstreaming and transfer into development operations. Prior to joining ESA, Chris was leading the spatial analytics efforts under the WB CDRP disaster resilience initiative. For 10 years he worked at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, in the end serving as senior advisor on geospatial strategy development. 

Yoro Sidibe

Water Resources Mgmt. Specialist, The World Bank Group