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Earth Genome: Interactive Decision Support for Water and other Natural Resources Management

"This start-up demonstrates a new “disruptive” approach to natural resource challenges."

The Earth Genome develops powerful decision support tools that enable public and private sector leaders to evaluate the financial, environmental, and social impacts of solutions to natural resource challenges to improve decision making and investments, offering a suite of water data tools and a satellite imagery platform. Their tools have easy-to-use, visual user interfaces that make assessing potential solutions to complex challenges more accessible to non-technical policy makers, regional leaders and businesses. Their goal is to make identifying and implementing solutions easier and faster, addressing the problems of “too little”, “too much” and “too dirty” to ensure we can achieve a water secure world for all.

In this BBL, the Earth Genome team demos several of their water security tools and applications (e.g. Pakistan for reginal basin-level assessment and local management), and explores how this approach may help advance The World Bank's work with country clients, while considering data and capacity challenges. They particularly focus on the insights learned in working directly with local stakeholders, which is the key to creating a water data tool that is used and adopted. They also provide a framework on how to help advance water data efforts into actual decision making.

This discussion demonstrates new “disruptive” approaches to old and evolving challenges. Learn about the opportunities/challenges to understand how these approaches could be used to support decisions related to natural resource challenges. See disruptive tech in action!

About the Presenters

Michelle Lapkinski

Vice President, 

Earth Genome 

Glen Low


Earth Genome 

Nagaraja Rao Harshadeep

Global Lead (Disruptive Technology), 

Environment, Natural Resources and

the Blue Economy Global Practice 

Eileen Rose Burke

Global Lead (Water Resources Management), 

Water Global Practice 

Erick Fernandes

Global Lead (Technology, Innovation, and

Climate-Smart Agricture)

Agriculture Global Practice 

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Great course! informative and knowledgeable documents.


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Interactive Decision Support for Water and other Natural Resources Management

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