E-Procurement Learning (Self-Paced)
Self-Paced eLearning

E-Procurement Learning (Self-Paced)

E-Government procurement (e-GP) projects are often part of the wider e-government efforts of countries to efficiently and effectively serve their citizens and businesses. E-GP promotes better governance in public procurement by increasing transparency and eliminating opportunities for fraud and corruption. The application of ICT to procurement processes has resulted in e-Procurement platforms that are ideally suited to address the e-GP objectives. Pursuing an e-Procurement system implementation is an effective way to improve public procurement management, through the automation of all underlying processes. Many governments worldwide have adopted end-to-end e-Procurement systems which cover the full procurement cycle. The current e-Learning course is composed of five modules, aiming to assist its audience to better understand electronic procurement and provide them with guidance on decisions they may need to take for establishing or improving the e-GP framework of their countries. The course initially focuses on how organizations can establish a plan for an e-GP implementation, and what benefits can be expected by such an implementation project. Furthermore it provides an overview of the basic and advanced features and modules of e-Procurement systems, along with concise information on how to implement each of the described e-Procurement modules. Additionally, the course briefly describes e-Procurement indicators and presents how these can be used by governments in order to measure adoption, performance and overall governance. Lastly, it focuses on how to incorporate procurement and e-procurement into FMIS implementations in the context of PFM reform projects. At the end of this course, a certification can be obtained by those participants who complete the course and successfully pass the respective examination.

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- Mar 5, 2017
Eager to learn more and implement it in our parastatals in Zimbabwe


- Jan 21, 2017
There is urgent need to implement the program in several developing countries specifically in Africa, however local government procedures applied today for example in Uganda involve use of a Public Procurement System that can be redeveloped to meet e-GP starndards. Also the traditional proceders have a lot of stages that can amalgamated together, current control of suggested projects, bidders evaluation, payments and other finance issues, tenders all need to specially be remodeled to achieve an e-GP system that can be clearly understood by the different stake holders as these could stand to be barriers in implementing e-GP in PPDAs.


- Jan 14, 2017
Are available e_procurement trainings in russian language?

Kingsley Uchenna

- Dec 6, 2016
This one of world bank group offering. Thanks for e_procurement trainings here

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Oct 1, 2016
“The application of ICT to procurement processes has resulted in e-Procurement platforms that are ideally suited to address the e-GP objectives”! Brilliant E-Procurement Design & Objectives!!

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Sep 25, 2016
E-Procurement Learning is definitely useful to the “Materials Management Personalities”! View Flashed By: Dr.Manavalan Ilakkuvan, M.E., M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Earlier: Dy.General Manager /BHEL (Retd) & At Present: Dean, School of Engineering &Technology, PRIST University, Thanjavur-613 403.Tamilnadu –India.

Dr. Illakkuvan

- Sep 29, 2016
Yes! Certainly!!
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