E-Learning Series: Integrated Forest Fire Management and Advanced Technologies

"Lessons from Korea's Good Practices - Learn about the fundamentals of forest fire, integrated forest fire management and disruptive technologies for the prevention and suppression of forest fires"

In this e-learning series on forest fire management, you will learn about the basic concepts and fundamentals of forest fire management, the different approaches for fire prev... view more


Fundamentals of Forest Fire Management - Learn about the basic concepts and fundamentals of forest fire management required to better understand forest fires


Forest Fire Management Approaches - Learn about the basic approaches to Fire Management that could be handled by authorities or through the participation of communities. 


Technology for Forest Fire Management used in the Republic of Korea - Learn about the disruptive technologies adopted for Forest Fire Management, particularly in the Republic of Korea. Outlined is an in-depth study on Korea's forest fire management conducted during the 2020-21 fiscal year.