e-Learning course on Urban Rail Development (Self-Paced)
Self-Paced eLearning

e-Learning course on Urban Rail Development (Self-Paced)

The Urban Rail Development Handbook was prepared by a team from the World Bank led by Daniel Pulido, Georges Darido, Ramon Muñoz-Raskin, and Joanna Moody. Team members included Slobodan Mitric, Edward Fleischman, Wenyu Jia, Sofía Guerrero Gamez, Carlos Perez-Brito, Robert Montgomery, Felipe Targa, Jorge Villegas, Leonardo Canon Rubiano, Xavier Cledan Mandri-Perrott, Ramiro Alberto Ríos, Elena Suau de Castro, and Yi (Nina) Yang. When appropriately planned and properly implemented as part of a larger public transportation network, urban rail systems can provide rapid urban mobility and vital access to city centers from surrounding districts. Improving transportation enhances quality of life by giving citizens access to employment opportunities, essential services, urban amenities, and neighboring communities. High-performing urban rail services can help reduce both traffic congestion and vehicular emissions. They also have the potential to drive local investment and the development of more walkable and livable communities when supported by enabling land use and development policies. Therefore, urban rail projects must be carefully approached as development projects. The purpose of the learning material is to draw attention to the newly published Urban Rail Development Handbook and emphasize its key messages regarding the planning, implementation, and operations of urban rail projects. The modules walk audience members through critical considerations at each stage of project development, empowering them to ask the right questions and be introduced to the key tools available to answer them. Each module has its own distinct learning objectives.

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jose luis

- May 30, 2022


- Apr 4, 2021


- Dec 7, 2020
Nice Course


- Nov 19, 2020
i can not re-enroll this course


- Nov 19, 2020
still not received completion certificate


- Jul 24, 2020
I have not received certificate yet , completed course long back and also completed end survey also


- Jun 16, 2020
A very interesting course and quite relevant in addressing urban transport in most of the emerging third world economies that are embracing modern transport systems.


- May 21, 2020


- May 6, 2020
I have already enrolled myself in this course. seems exciting and very relevant to my domain. Hopeful of learning new things related to Urban rail projects.


- Mar 18, 2020
An important mode of public transportation!
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