e-Learning course on Smart City
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e-Learning course on Smart City

Cities, as the crucible and the hub of human innovation and advancement, face critical changes in their fundamental role. Through a smart city, the global community has strived to converge and integrate environmental, digital, bio, and financial technologies to solve various urban problems. It is imperative to understand the true value and implementational practicality of key technologies in their full depth for their deployment in the construction of new smart cities or in the regeneration of legacy cities to advanced smart ones in the right way.

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- Apr 19, 2021
Unable to Enroll!


- Apr 14, 2021
I can’t assess the self passed materials and the modules, can anyone help?


- Apr 13, 2021
Greeting from Kiribati I'm late as so much work commitment at my workstation, is anyone can help? looking forward to join the course with the expectation to learn more from you guys. Thank you


- Mar 22, 2021
Informative and educative.


- Jan 28, 2021
Hi there, thank you for organizing this e-Learning Course. Kindly send us the Program of Activities as guide for our time management during the training period. Thank you


- Jan 18, 2021
Can't wait to take this course as it relates to my profession


- Jan 15, 2021
Interesting course


- Dec 30, 2020
Hi, can this course be taken by IFC staff?


- Dec 7, 2020
advance technology course,


- Nov 12, 2020
I am interested in joining the course, kindly inform the dates and registration details. thanks
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