Dr. Víctor Pineda: A Call for "Radical Inclusion" of Persons with Disabilities

"It wasn't the disability that changed my life, but rather the way society responded to a child that was different", says scholar and advocate Dr. Victor Pineda during his intervention at the World Bank-WikiStage event held October 2015 during the Bank-IMF Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru. In his talk, Dr. Pineda calls for "radical inclusion" of persons with disabilities, "the only minority group ...view more

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- Apr 21, 2019
Interesting, disabled are essential part of community. The have rights and can help their community


- Mar 25, 2019
luar biasa dan menarik


- Jul 20, 2018
Great! Thanks!

Jesús Manuel

- Mar 26, 2018


- Aug 20, 2017


- Oct 26, 2016
Radical Inclusion
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