Doing a forest governance assessment—Practical tips and tricks (Podcast)

This webinar focuses on planning and collecting data for your assessment. The discussion will be organized along 2 main challenges:

  • Planning for Data Collection, which helps practitioners refine their plans to produce practical tools for collecting needed information, set concrete measurement aims, identify potential data sources, select data collection methods, develop specific data collection tools, and capture everything in a data collection manual.
  • Collecting the Data, which covers the steps you need to take to actually acquire your data. These include assembling and training a data collection team, collecting data, and taking steps to assure its quality as well as taking note of some of the ethical considerations that come with data collection activities.


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Kenneth Rosenbaum

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Jesús Manuel

Submitted 5:20 pm, March 22, 2018



Submitted 11:36 am, August 30, 2017

Data collection is a very important part in this kind of study


Submitted 4:10 am, August 23, 2017



Submitted 6:54 am, July 28, 2017


Jesús Manuel

Submitted 5:50 am, April 24, 2017

great info

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 5:50 am, April 24, 2017

great info

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 7:07 am, April 12, 2017

Great info!

Marie Stella

Submitted 1:57 am, April 5, 2017

Useful tips for data collection.

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