Disruptive Technology Learning Series: Upskilling Billions Through Smartphones

The Future of work is rapidly changing. With the rise of machines and automation, we need to empower and develop our people with 21-century skills, to remain relevant in the future. But, how do we empower billions of people who may never step foot inside of a classroom? How do we give them universal access to education and get them to be future-ready? If over 44% of the world's population owns a smartphone, how do we harness disruptive tech to close the skills gap between developing nations and empower them to take ownership of their learning?

Hosted by the Open Learning Campus and the World Bank Education GP hear from So-Young Kang, the Founder and CEO of Gnowbe, the first mobile learning-by-doing platform, about key trends and practical principles on how mobile micro-learning is disrupting the way people learn and how technology can be used to educate, empower and elevate billions at scale.

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About the Presenters

So-Young Kang

So-Young Kang is Founder and CEO of Gnowbe, the mobile first micro-learning and engagement solution that helps the modern workforce learn faster and better. She is also the founder of Awaken Group, a multi-disciplinary Transformation Design (TD) firm. She is an author, Huffington Post blogger, Tedx speaker, Harvard Business School grad, former McKinsey consultant and was nominated by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader.

So-Young Kang is a highly sought out speaker globally across The U.S., Asia, Europe, Australia, and The Middle East and Africa on multiple topics across Transformation Design, Innovation, Leadership, Culture, Strategy, Education/EdTech, and Entrepreneurship. So-Young is a pioneer in the EdTech realm and continues to inspire Educators, C-Sutie Executives, Government Officials through her keynotes at The European Foundation for Management Development, World Economic Forum Davos, Nigerian Economic Summit, ASU-GSV, and Qudwa Teachers Forum and Global Skills Forum.

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jose luis

- Jun 27, 2021


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Great !

Md. Babar

- Apr 18, 2020


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A time will come where all we need to do for ourselves as humans is just to stay alive

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Nov 29, 2019
Smartphone revolution


- Apr 5, 2019
This vedio I need to see. Once have time . Very interesting topic
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