Disruptive Technology Learning Series: How to Make Machine Learning More Inclusive

In this Disruptive Technology Learning Series hosted by the Open Learning Campus and the Technology and Innovation Lab hear how companies like Google are working to improve the fairness of machine learning and how machine learning may influence your work in the not too distant future.

Machine learning is an increasingly important technique that is powering products and services that impact daily lives around the world. Hear from Tulsee Doshi, Product Manager at Google where she works to build systems that work for everyone and learn how Google approaches fairness in machine learning systems.

About the Presenters

Tulsee Doshi

Tulsee Doshi is a Product Manager at Google, where she leads product for Machine Learning Fairness across Google and YouTube. This work focuses on the understanding and evaluation of algorithms, as well as increasing inclusivity in machine learned products and tools.

Prior to her work in ML Fairness, Tulsee was a product manager for Google Search & YouTube recommendations. She holds an MS in computer science and BS in Symbolic Systems, with a focus on Ethics and AI, from Stanford University

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- Aug 5, 2021

jose luis

- Jun 27, 2021


- Jan 24, 2021
Great !


- Nov 11, 2020
Nice job!

Mohammad Nadir

- Mar 31, 2020
Nice to learn Disruptive Technology!


- Mar 23, 2020


- Feb 3, 2020


- Apr 5, 2019
Machine learning, Deep learning are the future!!


- Mar 31, 2019
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- Mar 29, 2019
Future is with ML and deep learning
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