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Disruptive Technologies for Development (DT4D): Unleashing Innovation in Developing Countries

"Learn about the DT4D Program, including its mission and results, as well as methodologies and technology trends..."

Disruptive technologies are transforming economies and societies, and present new opportunities for development. In this context, the World Bank Group (WBG) set up the Disruptive Technologies for Development Program, DT4D for short, which serves as an agile and inclusive platform to foster the design and deployment of scalable technology solutions in developing countries. The webinar was organized by FCI’s Disruptive Technologies for Development (DT4D) Program together with donor partners from the Korea Office Trust Fund, the FCI Seoul Center of Finance and Innovation Trust Fund, and also, colleagues from the Korea Office CMU; the Spanish Fund of Latin America and the Caribbean; and the DT4D Secretariat.

The Webinar Objectives - 

  • Learn about the DT4D Program, including its mission and results, as well as methodologies and technology trends consolidated from two rounds of supported pilots 
  • Gain an understanding of our donor partners and their tech innovation agenda
  • Obtain insights into how DT4D 1.0 and 2.0 pilots leverage technologies to transform all end-to-end steps in business models in many sectors of the economy 
  • Gain key highlights into what is next for DT4D pilots
  • Explore synergies among internal and external stakeholders.

About the Presenters

Martha Martinez Licetti

Practice Manager - Markets and Technology Unit, Finance, Competitiveness, and Innovation (FCI), World Bank

Kwangchul Ji

Director of Development Finance Division, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Republic of Korea

Sara Hormigo

Head of Multilateral Department - Economic and Commercial Office, Embassy of Spain, Washington DC

Catalina Ochoa

Senior Urban Transport Specialist, World Bank 

(TTL, DT4D 1.0 Challenge Winner, "Unlocking Drones for Development")

Stamatis Kotouzas

Senior Land Administration Specialist, World Bank

(TTL, DT4D 2.0 Challenge Winner, "Brought to you by Geodata: Responsible Banana Supply Chains")

Christoph Aubrecht

Program Coordinator, Global Development Assistance, European Space Agency (ESA)

Etienne Raffi Kechichian

Senior Private Sector Development Specialist (TTL DT4D), Markets and Technology Unit, Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation (FCI), World Bank

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