Disaster – Risk Analytics and Solutions

Increasingly countries are exposed to high levels of risk from meteorological and geophysical hazards, which have significant negative impacts on their economic and fiscal stability. To mitigate these impacts quantification of accurate risk information are ...view more

Disaster – Risk Analytics and Solutions

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- Apr 19, 2019


- Apr 4, 2019
Topik sangat menarik


- Mar 30, 2019
Increase the awareness and train more people how to use open data during disasters will positively decrease the impact

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 18, 2019
Market Regulations Indicator - What it measures

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 15, 2019
"Saving Energy Through Energy Savings Performance Contracts


- Mar 14, 2019

Vedat Bobby

- Mar 5, 2019
A modern utility, a diverse workforce: lessons from gender assessments in three utilities of the Danube region


- Dec 24, 2018
Awareness in the communities of disaster risk profiles reduces the risk and fiscal instability from meteorological and geophysical hazards. Through government bodies such disaster risk profiles can be properly educated, monitored and advised.

Mohamed Mounir Mohamed Samir

- Sep 22, 2018
Very helpful topics


- Jun 22, 2018
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