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Disaster – Risk Analytics and Solutions

Increasingly countries are exposed to high levels of risk from meteorological and geophysical hazards, which have significant negative impacts on their economic and fiscal stability. To mitigate these impacts quantification of accurate risk information are ... view more

Disaster – Risk Analytics and Solutions

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- Sep 14, 2022
Interesting Initiative


- Jul 24, 2022


- Jun 14, 2022
Disaster Risk Management is very important for example now in Nigeria it's raining season which has started in earnest in the Northwest zone in states like Kano, Jigawa and Katsina and the issue of flooding is of great concern to both farmers and the community.

Mahaman Mourtala

- Aug 5, 2021
Very interesting initiative


- Jun 30, 2021
Disaster management unit should be established with a Risk database development and special funds, especially natural disasters as they occur unannounced. The risks involved should be handled by professionals and experts and everybody else at the local and National levels to save lives.


- Jan 3, 2021
very important course


- Nov 6, 2020
for the sustainable system it is very important.


- Sep 21, 2020
Incisive learning opportunity


- Aug 29, 2020
Informative. High level of risks pose challenges in the development of economy.

Mohammad Nadir

- Jun 28, 2020
Very good!
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