Disability and Data – What Can We Count on?

One billion people - 15% of the world’s population - live with some form of disability. They make up one of the largest excluded groups. Facing multiple barriers, persons with disabilities are more likely to be poor, less educated, discriminated against and unemployed. To understand disability and design evidence-based and inclusive policies, governments and development organizations need reliable disability disaggregated data. However, multidimensional nature of disability makes measurement difficult. Data is patchy; where it is available, definitions and methodologies vary, making comparisons across countries problematic. Finding ways of collecting better data on persons with disabilities will help identify strategies to improve their well-being and implementing the SDGs. In this webinar, Daniel Mont, an international expert on disability measurement and inclusive development, will discuss: What are known data gaps on disability, and how they can be filled? What are existing sources of data on disability? What datasets could be analyzed from disability perspective? How can we build and use evidence for more inclusive policy and development decisions? The webinar will be moderated by Charlotte McClain-Nhlapo, Global Advisor on Disability of the World Bank Group.

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Daniel Mont

Daniel Mont is an international expert on disability measurement and inclusive development.

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Bravo. Very useful. It will be shared with mainstream humanitarian workers in Nigeria soon!


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thanks for info


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liked and shared,great info.

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