Digital Skills: The Why, The What and The How
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Digital Skills: The Why, The What and The How

Digital skills are essential to develop an informed citizenry and a workforce that can use, develop and create digital technologies. The course uses materials developed under the Digital Skills Country Action Plan initiative launched by the World Bank for Africa. A holistic approach is required covering (i) policies, digital skills frameworks, and digital skills assessments, (ii) digital skills programs for students, ranging from intermediate level to advanced and specialized levels, (iii) enhancing use of technology in teaching and learning, (iv) strengthening national networks and improving campus network infrastructure to ensure affordable highspeed broadband connectivity, and (v) capacity building of Ministries of Education and regulatory authorities for digital transformation. While the focus is on developing digital skills proficiency at the intermediate and advanced levels for students in higher education and TVET, its approach can also be adapted to school education.
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- Apr 14, 2021


- Mar 21, 2021
Could it be possible to get a written or digital certificate?


- Mar 21, 2021
do u provide certificate?


- Mar 18, 2021
Excellent Course!


- Jan 11, 2021


- Nov 16, 2020
problem do not resolved


- Nov 13, 2020
Technical issues since resolved and could successfully complete the Course. Course contents are quite informative and pertinent.


- Nov 13, 2020
I am experiencing some issues in generating the Completion Certificate after study the course and qualifying the Quiz - evaluation. I have already written to; but unfortunately I am yet to hear from them. Could you please....??


- Nov 6, 2020
Even after going through the whole course, having successfully completed the Quiz and having reached the Glossary, I am not able to "MARK THE COURSE AS COMPLETED"!! It is still showing as "NOT EVALUATED" Could I get some help to reach the completion stage?


- Nov 10, 2020
Please contact for these technical problems. Sorry to hear about them
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