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Digital Ag Series: Open Source Digital Tools Enhancing Farmers Integration into Value Chains - An Example of Application in the Dairy sector of Kyrgyzstan

"Addressing the bottlenecks of quality improvements in the milk value chain through a milk quality platform that combines development interventions and digital tools"

Smallholder farmers face multiple challenges along the value chain like productivity, quality, and access to markets, to name a few for improving their income and livelihood. The Kyrgyz Republic Integrated Dairy Productivity Improvement Project (IDPIP) addresses the bottlenecks of quality improvements in the milk value chain through a milk quality platform, which is a combination of development interventions (capacity building, training, technical assistance, micro-loans, etc.) and digital tools that register milk suppliers, the quality of their milk, map milk collection points and provide information to dairy companies on quality hot-spots.

The project utilizes CollectMobile, an app developed by Open Foris –a free and open-source software tool that facilitates flexible and efficient data collection, analysis, and reporting. CollectMobile is a fast, intuitive, and flexible data collection tool for field-based surveys. This Android app allows the completion of complex data structures, such as biophysical, socio-economic, or biodiversity surveys.

The discussants present examples of technologies organized around functions along the value chain and explore their development impacts.

About the Presenters

Artavazd Hakobyan

Senior Agriculture Economist, East and Central Asia, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, World Bank

Artavazd Hakobyan is a senior agriculture economist in Agriculture and Food Global Practice, based in Moscow. Artavazd is working on ASAs and reimbursable advisory services projects on agriculture and food security topics in the Russian Federation, both federal and regional levels, and is a task team leader of investment operations in Kazakhstan and the Kyrgyz Republic. Artavazd holds a Master of International Business degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, USA and a Master of Science degree in Agricultural Economics from Auburn University, USA.

Inna Punda

Agricultural Economist, Investment Centre, FAO

Inna Punda is an agricultural economist with 19 years of experience in business development, of which 12 with the Investment Centre and before that with the French Trade Commissions (in Canada and Russia). Her technical expertise includes agribusiness development, investment projects formulation and supervision, market and value chain analysis, and thematic review. Since joining the Investment Centre in 2008, Inna has authored and contributed to several publications under the FAO/EBRD and FAO/World Bank Cooperation Programmes. She led technical assistance projects that foster public-private policy dialogue and promote sustainable and inclusive value chain development. Inna is actively involved in the design and implementation support of public investment operations in agriculture and rural development funded by IFIs (World Bank, IFAD, Green Climate Fund) with a specific focus on inclusive development and resilient and low-emission agriculture. She also provided support to Governments to design national agriculture strategies and investment plans (Sultanate of Oman, West Bank and Gaza, Tajikistan). Inna is a RuralInvest and Open Foris Collect Mobile trainer. Inna holds a degree in Agriculture with a specialization in agroecology from the Russian State Agrarian University (Moscow).

Kateryna Schroeder

Agriculture Economist, Food and Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank

Kateryna Schroeder is an Agriculture Economist in the Food and Agriculture Global Practice in Europe and Central Asia unit. In her work she focuses on agricultural and trade policy, and food security. She is also exploring how digital technologies can address market failures, and what is the role of public policy in facilitating this process. Prior to joining the World Bank, Kateryna worked as a research scientist at the Food and Agricultural Policy Institute, and a frequent consultant with the UN FAO on the issues related to food security, nutrition, and trade. She holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Missouri.

Godefroy Grosjean

Alliance Bioversity – CIAT

James Giles

Alliance Bioversity – CIAT

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Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Sep 1, 2020
An Example of Application in the Dairy sector of Kyrgyzstan
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