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Digital Ag Series: Investing in Digital Technology to Increase Market Access for Women Agripreneurs in Guatemala

"An e-commerce platform to match schools’ food demand with supply from smallholder farmers"

In Guatemala, the World Bank DIGITAGRO pilot, launched before the pandemic with support from InfoDev Trust Fund, is developing digital tools to support the country’s farmers. Originally envisioned to improve access to the national School Feeding Program for smallholder “agri-preneurs”, these technologies now have the potential to be scaled up as part of the COVID-19 support the Agriculture and Food Global Practice of the World Bank is designing for Guatemala’s agriculture sector.

DIGITAGRO is developing, in partnership with the World Food Programme, an e-commerce platform to match schools’ food demand with supply from smallholders. As the government has decided to keep the School Feeding Program open for the duration of the quarantine, the platform will be key to ensuring it functions effectively, bringing together supply and demand. It can also be adapted to function at a larger scale, to address the current mismatch between food supply and demand arising from the pandemic.

Building on the lessons learned from the DIGITAGRO work, the World Bank together with the Guatemalan Ministry of Economy is preparing a project “Responding to COVID-19 - Modern and Resilient Agri-Food Value-Chains” that will streamline digital technologies throughout the project as a way to better respond to COVID-19 and modernize the agri-food system.

About the Presenters

Preeti Ahuja

Practice Manager, Latin America, and the Caribbean Region

Agriculture and Food Global Practice, World Bank Group

Preeti Ahuja is currently the Practice Manager of the Latin America and the Caribbean Region for the Agriculture and Food Global Practice of the World Bank Group, where she manages a team of experts supporting clients through analytics, financing, and partnerships, leveraging global best practices and knowhow. Previously she was the PM for Global Engagements, Strategy, and Operations in the Agriculture Global Practice. Before joining the Agriculture Global Practice, Preeti served as Sector Manager of the Development Effectiveness group in the Africa and Middle East & North Africa Regions, respectively, working closely with front-line operational teams and Bank Group management, on efforts to enhance quality, performance and outcomes of Bank-supported projects, country diagnostics, and country partnership strategies. Preeti has held various other positions including in the Africa Agriculture and Environment department and the East Asia & Pacific Region and E. Africa CMU of the World Bank. Before joining the Bank, Ms. Ahuja worked with Booz, Allen, Hamilton an international strategy consulting firm in Italy, and led the Management Reporting Group of a leading commercial bank in the US, as well as a consulting assignment with FAO and the Inter-American Development Bank. Preeti holds degrees from Delhi University, Boston University, and INSEAD, France.

Katie Kennedy Freeman

Senior Agriculture Economist, Latin America, and the Caribbean Region

Agriculture and Food Global Practice, World Bank

Katie Kennedy Freeman works with the World Bank’s Agriculture and Food Global Practice in the Latin America region as a Senior Agriculture Economist focused on the areas of climate-smart agriculture, digital agriculture, and the intersection of agriculture and energy. Before joining World Bank in 2012, she worked at the Earth Institute at Columbia University implementing research programs on ICT in agriculture and energy for agriculture in Africa.

Viviana Maria Eugenia Perego

Agriculture Economist, World Bank

Viviana Maria Eugenia Perego is an Agriculture Economist at the World Bank, where she works on themes related to competitiveness, agriculture, and rural livelihoods. Her current projects focus on productive alliances in agriculture, the efficiency of special economic zones, disruptive technologies, the labor market integration of fragile populations, and food systems’ resilience on climate change. Viviana holds a DPhil (Ph.D.) in economics from the University of Oxford, from which she graduated in 2017 with a thesis on the drivers of development in open economies. Prior to joining the World Bank, she collaborated with institutions such as the International Labour Organization, UNICEF, and the Bank of Italy, as well as leading research centers such as J-PAL (Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Centre for the Study of African Economies at Oxford. 

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la demanda de alimentos de las escuelas con la oferta de los pequeños agricultores.

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