Digital Ag Series: Emerging role of tech-enabled agriculture financing - ‘AgFinTech’

"Agtech landscape in India with a focus on innovations in financing small and marginal farmers"

The Global Agri-Food Tech scene is growing rapidly, with investments increasing from USD 2.9B in 2012 to USD 19.8B in 2019, nearly seven times over 7 years. Agtech, a niche segment within that sector, focuses on the application of new-age technologies to smallholder farming an...view more

About the Presenters

Rolf Behrndt

Manager- EFI, South Asia

International Finance Corporation

Parmesh Shah

Global Lead, Rural Livelihoods, and Agriculture Employment GSG
World Bank Group

Albert Boogaard


Rabo Foundation

Arindom Datta

Executive Director, Rural & Development Banking/Advisory

Rabobank India  

Hemendra Mathur


Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund

Anil Gupta

Partner, MSC-Payment & Distribution

Dr Abhilaksh Likhi

Additional Secretary- Ministry of Agriculture

Government of India

Gayatri Acharya

Lead Economist, Agriculture, and Rural Development

World Bank Group

Panos Varangis (TBC)

Global Lead, Agricultural Finance, and Agricultural Insurance

Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice, World Bank

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- Jun 29, 2020
Very interesting and informative contents. The presentation was also methodical and in lucid manner.


- Jun 28, 2020


- Jun 14, 2020


- Jun 13, 2020
Extremely interesting discussion
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