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Digital Ag Series: Emerging role of tech-enabled agriculture financing - ‘AgFinTech’

"Agtech landscape in India with a focus on innovations in financing small and marginal farmers"

The Global Agri-Food Tech scene is growing rapidly, with investments increasing from USD 2.9B in 2012 to USD 19.8B in 2019, nearly seven times over 7 years. Agtech, a niche segment within that sector, focuses on the application of new-age technologies to smallholder farming and has the potential of providing farmers better access to information, markets, credits, and inputs. In this webinar, officials from Rabo Bank discussed the Agtech landscape in India with a focus on innovations in financing small and marginal farmers. India has over 126 million small and marginal farmers (< 2-hectare landholding) who represent 86% of the total number of farmers in India. At least 50% of these small and marginal farmers are unable to get credit from any source due to a variety of reasons, and a large number of borrowers still resort to informal sources of loans. Speakers shared the findings from the study on ‘’Role of Tech-enabled formal agriculture financing in India ‘’ commissioned by Rabo Bank Foundation and conducted by ThinkAg & MSC.

About the Presenters

Rolf Behrndt

Manager- EFI, South Asia

International Finance Corporation

Parmesh Shah

Global Lead, Rural Livelihoods, and Agriculture Employment GSG
World Bank Group

Albert Boogaard


Rabo Foundation

Arindom Datta

Executive Director, Rural & Development Banking/Advisory

Rabobank India  

Hemendra Mathur


Partner, Bharat Innovation Fund

Anil Gupta

Partner, MSC-Payment & Distribution

Dr Abhilaksh Likhi

Additional Secretary- Ministry of Agriculture

Government of India

Gayatri Acharya

Lead Economist, Agriculture, and Rural Development

World Bank Group

Panos Varangis (TBC)

Global Lead, Agricultural Finance, and Agricultural Insurance

Finance, Competitiveness & Innovation Global Practice, World Bank

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- Nov 28, 2021


- Jun 4, 2021

jose luis

- May 15, 2021
Agtech, un segmento de nicho dentro de ese sector, se enfoca en la aplicación de tecnologías de la nueva era a la agricultura en pequeña escala y tiene el potencial de brindar a los agricultores un mejor acceso a información, mercados, créditos e insumos


- Jan 13, 2021

Jared Troy

- Oct 29, 2020
Great topic.

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Aug 12, 2020
Emerging role of tech-enabled agriculture financing - ‘AgFinTech’


- Jun 29, 2020
Very interesting and informative contents. The presentation was also methodical and in lucid manner.


- Jun 28, 2020


- Jun 14, 2020


- Jun 13, 2020
Extremely interesting discussion
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