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Digital Ag Series: Disrupting Food Security and Agriculture Risk Financing in Southern Africa

"Understand the growing agritech entrepreneurship ecosystems of Africa "

The World Bank’s Agriculture Observatory, in conjunction with the Disaster Risk Financing and the Disaster Risk Management teams, and with the support of Draper University launched three Agriculture Risk innovation Challenges to harness new technology and data to address the agriculture and food security risks in Southern Africa. This virtual session brings together the 3 Challenge winners (Arable, Satelligence, Cropin) and the 3 honorary mentions as rising innovators (eSusFarm, Saillog, Injing).

Learn from key agriculture technology entrepreneurs, investors, government officials, and The World Bank directors. Understand the growing agritech entrepreneurship ecosystems of Africa and the newest technologies impacting food security and agriculture risk management in the SADC region.

Innovators’ links

Arable (USA) - Real-time microclimate and crop health data on two time horizons: driving daily farm operations and providing insight into seasonal yields.

CropIn (India) - Building large and smart datasets through innovative ICT-driven data collection techniques that enable farmers access to risk and financing instruments.

Satelligence (Ghana) - The system combats the invasion of fall armyworm in sub-Saharan Africa by providing early warning messages based on satellite technology.

Sailog (Israel) - Digitalized crop protection for smallholder farmers in low income and developing nations. The technology leverages proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision algorithms.

EsusFarm (South Africa) - An agri-fintech that specializes in tracking and providing advanced agricultural statistical data to smallholder farmers and the entire agri-value chain.

Injini (South Africa) – Harnessing social media data creates tools for agriculture risk, and then adding AI, satellite imagery, and modeling to crop insurance management.

About the Presenters

Shoba Shetty

Agriculture Practice Manager, Africa Region, World Bank

Tim Draper

Venture capital investor and founder of Draper University

Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez

Director for Sustainable Development, Africa Region, World Bank

Asra Nadeem

President, Draper University

Marie Francoise Marie-Nelly

Director for Southern Africa, World Bank

Mareme Dieng

Head of Partnerships and International Relations, Draper University

Eric Seyama

Director of the Natural Disaster Agency, Kingdom of eSwatini


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