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Digital Ag Series: Dalberg on AgTech - Potential of Digital Agriculture Platforms for Smallholder Agriculture in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

"Technology innovation for smallholders include the off-grid energy and agriculture nexus, field mechanization and remote surveillance solutions, field sensors, and a wide range of often related digital agriculture and ag data innovations"

Agriculture technology (AgTech) innovation tailored to smallholder agriculture settings covers a broad range of emerging technologies and business models which hold the potential to significantly boost agricultural productivity, improve farmer incomes, reduce loss and waste, facilitate market integration and trade, enhance climate resilience, and improve agribusiness and financial institution profitability by opening new markets and reducing transaction costs. Major pockets of technology innovation for smallholders include the off-grid energy and agriculture nexus (e.g., solar water pumps and cold-chain technologies), field mechanization solutions (e.g., “uberized” tractors), agronomic diagnostics innovations (e.g., soil, plant, and pest testing), remote surveillance solutions and field sensors for agriculture, and a wide range of often related digital agriculture and ag data innovations. On the digital agriculture front, a fast-growing universe of digital solutions – some very early stage but many starting to reach meaningful scale – straddle a range of use cases such as agricultural advisory, input, and off-take market linkages, supply chain management, agricultural finance, and macro-intelligence tools for decision-makers.

Dalberg is a global social impact group that brings together strategy consulting, design thinking, big data analytics, and research to address complex social, economic, and environmental challenges with a particular focus and depth of on-the-ground footprint in developing Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Agriculture technology is a major priority for Dalberg's team globally and has been the focus of a good deal of recent collaboration with the World Bank Group. Dalberg's work in the AgTech space includes strategy and investment diligence support for tech innovators, agribusinesses, and funders/investors, primary research on AgTech business models and end-users, data science engagements to set up agriculture data platforms and conduct related big data agriculture analytics, and human-centered design programs to design and improve digital agriculture products and platforms.

In the webinar, the speaker provides a quick overview of what Dalberg does in the AgTech space, and then quickly zeroes in on digital agriculture and agriculture data platform opportunity.  After an overview of digital smallholder agriculture sector trends drawing on CTA-Dalberg 2019 Digitalization of African Agriculture Report, he talks about a few specific examples of public and private agriculture data platforms, using the examples of Dalberg's work on Digifarm in Kenya and national agriculture data hubs in Ethiopia and Uganda. The discussion includes forward-looking opportunities and challenges for digital agriculture platforms arising out of the COVID-19 crisis.

About the Presenters

Michael Tsan

Partner, Dalberg Advisors

Founder and Co-leader, Dalberg’s Global Technology and Energy Practices

Michael Tsan is the founder and co-leader of Dalberg’s Global Technology and Energy Practices. Michael is also a senior advisor to Dalberg’s Data4Good business, Dalberg Data Insights. Michael works with a broad range of clients in the AgTech sector, including MNOs, D4Ag enterprises, AgTech
investors, leading foundations, NGOs, donors, large agribusinesses, and digital financial services providers.

Naoko Koyama

Partner, Dalberg Advisors

Naoko is the Regional Director for Africa. She has significant experience advising multi-sector partnerships to build inclusive businesses in sectors such as agriculture, digitally-enabled services, and finance. Naoko’s recent work includes advising DigiFarm, an award-winning multi-partner digital platform reaching over 1 million farmers, from initial customer research to partnership facilitation, go-to-market planning, and organization reviews over the past 5 years.

Ravi Chhatpar

Co-Founder, Dalberg Design

Ravi brings human-centered design to Dalberg clients looking for creative approaches to breakthrough innovation in social impact and development. Ravi has supported the inception, launch, and scale of DigiFarm, bringing human-centered design tools to all aspects of its design to ensure its solutions answer farmers’ needs. Ravi also works extensively on other business models at the intersections of agriculture, technology, and financial inclusion.

Christophe Bocquet

Project Manager, Dalberg Data Insights (DDI)

Christophe is a Project Manager leading DDI’s AgriTech practice. He has acquired hands-on expertise in leveraging data science for Agriculture and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa. Christophe used to manage different tech workstreams of digital and data-driven projects including user interface (UI) development, big data analytics, ground-truth data collection, and human-centered product design.


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