Digital Ag Series: Building sustainable supply chains in agriculture in Indonesia using technology and innovations

"Simplifying the agriculture value chain by sourcing goods directly from the farmers and distributing them to diversified segments of buyers"

Established in 2016, TaniHub Group is an Indonesian agritech startup that acts as a holding company for TaniHub (e-commerce platform), TaniFund (peer-to-peer lending platform), and TaniSupply (supply chain management). With its vis... view more

About the Presenters

Vincentius Sariyo

Director, TaniSupply (TaniHub Group)

Sariyo is the Director of TaniSupply, a company responsible for supply chain management under TaniHub Group, which operates e-commerce platform TaniHub and peer-to-peer lending platform TaniFund. Since its establishment in 2016, TaniHub Group has helped more than 30,000 farmers gain access to the market, 1,500 farmers gain access to credit and, on average, earn 50% more income. Sariyo is an expert in retail and fresh produce with more than 20 years of experience under his belt. Before joining TaniHub Group, Sariyo was responsible for supervising ultra-fresh procurement (meat, seafood, and fresh produce), supply chain, and first QA/QC implementation as well as store management in Hypermart. He also led Dairy Farm Indonesia (Hero Group) as director of fresh products. Sariyo had short-term training on the agriculture value chain at Massey University, New Zealand in May 2018.

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- Oct 28, 2020
very informative, thank you

Jared Troy

- Oct 5, 2020
Very relevant topic. Thank you.

Jahanavi Sanjana

- Sep 15, 2020
Incredible story, nice to hear the smaller details of implementation giving us a peek into the field and what it takes. As a technology professional, it is always grounding to hear of the social connections and personal conversations which is where the magic happens.

Mohammad Nadir

- Sep 13, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Sep 11, 2020
Building sustainable supply chains in agriculture in Indonesia using technology and innovations
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