Digital Ag Series: Blockchain-Powered Traceability Digital Platforms: Unlocking Supply Chain 2.0

"A purpose-built blockchain, which increases coordination and efficiency in ethical or sustainable ecosystems, creates stories for responsibly sourced products, and unlocks innovative financing mechanisms across industries"

The need to disrupt supply chains is more evident today than ever before. Supply chains are being pressured to transport more intangible goods (the i... view more

About the Presenters

Kim Raath

Founder & CEO, Topl 

Kim is the Founder and CEO of Topl. After growing up in South Africa during a time of political and economic turmoil, she traveled to some of the most remote places of the world, working with underprivileged global citizens in whatever capacity was needed. Kim spent time with various NGO’s in 18 developing countries to support the rebuilding and strengthening of communities by implementing new forms of technology. She has since given numerous talks around the world about the power of technology leapfrogging. As a 2020 graduate, Kim was also the first student at Rice University to simultaneously complete a Masters in Economics and Ph.D. in Statistics. While at Rice, Kim met the other co-founders of Topl. They united around a common global mindset and willingness to sacrifice personal gain for building a better world.

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- Jan 12, 2021

Mohammad Nadir

- Aug 16, 2020


- Aug 14, 2020
Knowledgeable contents.

Mohammad Nadir

- Aug 5, 2020
Excellent topic!


- Aug 2, 2020

Joy Mildred Adhiambo

- Jul 30, 2020
Unlocking Supply Chain 2.0
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