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Digital Ag Series: Agriculture in the times of COVID-19: How can Digital Solutions help?

"Can digital technologies help farmers/producers/distributors match supply and demand, optimize agri-logistics, improve price information?"

Covid-19 has expanded the potential risks to the stability of food supply chains. As growers around the world make planting decisions – does the availability of labor, need to adapt to disease prevention regulations, lockdowns, change in demand of food from restaurants to groceries or direct to consumer – affect their decisions? Can digital technologies help farmers/producers/distributors match supply and demand, optimize agri-logistics, improve price information? Can better data enhance decision-making? What are the applications that are the most promising to help combat the crisis? What might help in the medium term?

In this webinar, Jorge Enrique Bedoya, Sociedad Colombiana de Agricultores,  Kim Wagner, CEO TBGD Partners and owner of Stoutridge Vineyard, New York, and Christine Gould, CEO Thought for Food, present and brainstorm on how to crowdsource ideas on how digital technologies can relieve disruption caused by the COVID-19 crisis in food supply chains.

About the Presenters

Jorge Enrique Bedoya

President, Colombian Agriculture Society (Sociedad Colombiana de Agricultores) 

Jorge Enrique Bedoya Vizcaya is an economist from Javeriana University in Bogota. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy from Harvard University. He is currently the President of the Colombian Agriculture Society (Sociedad Colombiana de Agricultores). He has been part of the board of the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros and President of the National Federation of Poultry Farmers of Colombia (FENAVI). During his time as President of FENAVI, Jorge dealt with critical issues for the industry such as the negotiation of the Free Trade Agreement with the US, EU, multiple tax reforms, and the challenge to transform the relationship of the industry with the Colombian Government, Congress, and multiple stakeholders. He served as Vice-minister of Defense for Policy and International Relations. He was later Director of the Bavaria Foundation. He became the Corporate Affairs Director for Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador for ABinBev after the merger of SABMiller and ABinBev.

Kim Wagner

Founding Partner, TBGD Partners, and Owner, Stoutridge Vineyard

Kim Wagner is a founding partner of TBGD Partners and owner of Stoutridge Vineyard, in the Hudson Valley in New York. She was a partner at Flagship Pioneering and president and chief operating officer of CiBO Technologies, a Flagship VentureLabs company. She is a scientist, entrepreneur and business leader with over two decades of experience advising companies on strategy and operational improvement in the agriculture, food, and healthcare sectors with an emphasis in technology, sustainability, research and innovation, and new product development. Previously, Kim was a Senior Partner and Managing Director at The Boston Consulting Group where she held several management roles including leading the firm’s Global Research and Product Development practice and led BCG’s Global Agribusiness practice bringing together the firm’s expertise and capabilities in a focused way to serve the unique needs of the businesses in the agriculture sector.  More recently, Kim was a Partner at McKinsey & Company where she was a senior member of the Global Agriculture and Food practice.  Her accomplishments in client service have been acknowledged through multiple awards including being named a Women Leader in Consulting by Consulting magazine in 2012. 

Christine Gould

Founder and CEO, Thought for Food

Christine Gould has dedicated her career to making ag innovation more open and collaborative. She created Thought For Food to inspire young people to get involved in developing the solutions their future depends on. Christine holds an MPA in Science & Technology Policy from Columbia University. She sits on the Board of Young Professionals in Ag Development and is a Founding Member of the Ashoka Changemakers League of Intrapreneurs.

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Covid-19 has expanded the potential risks to the stability of food supply chains..........very correct.

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Agriculture in the times of COVID-19

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