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Digital Ag Learning Series: CultivHacktion- Data Hackathon: Harvesting Innovations for Agricultural Transformation in Indonesia (Indonesian Bahasa)

"CultivHacktion is the beginning of a series of innovative efforts to operationalize data-driven agriculture at the national level and provincial level, starting with the West Java horticulture sector."

The World Bank is supporting the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Indonesia to facilitate and catalyze innovation, modernization, and entrepreneurship of the agriculture sector through the use of data and digital technology. Digital Agriculture is the use of digital technology to improve agricultural yields, efficiency, incomes, and profitability. Moreover, digital agriculture provides an opportunity to attract a new generation of farmers and agri-entrepreneurs. To operationalize and take full advantage of digital technology in the agriculture and food sector, a “digital agriculture ecosystem” must be in place. In collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, the World Bank is developing a digital agriculture strategy for the Data Platform that will form the foundation for digital solutions and innovation.

The Data Hackathon team called this initiative “CultivHacktion” which is a combination of  “Cultivate” + “Hackathon” + “Action”.

With that aspiration, CultivHacktion will serve as a platform for young innovators to co-create together with MoA and address these problem statements with the datasets and demonstrate viable solutions. CultivHacktion is the beginning of a series of innovative efforts to operationalize data-driven agriculture at the national level and provincial level, starting with the West Java horticulture sector.  It is a crowdsourcing approach and a pilot with promising digital agriculture solutions that could scale and mainstream under the ICARE project.

In this webinar, our strategic partners - MicrosoftTaniHubIPB UniversityGrow AsiaData Science Indonesia (DSI) FAOPlug, and Play share how they have come together to support the Data Hackathon and share highlights of their digital agriculture innovations.

This Webinar is in the Indonesian Bahasa language. To watch the English version, click HERE

About the Presenters

Dina Umali-Deininger

Practice Manager, East Asia and Pacific region, Agriculture and Food Global Practice, The World Bank 

Ms. Dina Umali-Deininger is the Agriculture and Food Practice Manager for the East Asia and Pacific Region of the World Bank. She manages analytical and advisory services and a lending portfolio totaling $3.5 billion, which focuses on promoting climate-smart and nutrition-sensitive agriculture, linking smallholder farmers to markets, agriculture value chain development, and enhancing rural livelihoods and jobs. She formerly served as the Agriculture Practice Manager in Central and Eastern Africa and Water Practice Manager in Europe and Central Asia. She also served as Country Sector Coordinator and Lead Agriculture Economist in the World Bank New Delhi office overseeing the World Bank's agriculture and rural development program in India. Prior to joining the World Bank, she held a teaching position at the University of the Philippines and was a Research Associate at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines. She has an M.A. and Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Stanford University and a B.A. in Agribusiness Management from the University of the Philippines.

Dr. Ade Candradijaya

Director for International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia

Dr. Ade Candradijaya currently serves as the Director of the International Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Agriculture, and has been in this role since 2019. In his previous role at the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas), he served as the Deputy Director for the Directorate of Food and Agriculture (2012). He holds a doctorate degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Management from the Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) in Bogor - Indonesia. His educational background includes an M.Sc in Rural Development from Larenstein University, the Netherlands; an M.Sc. in Community Nutrition from the University of Indonesia, and an Undergraduate degree in Food Technology from IPB.

Lesly Goh

Senior Technology Advisor, The World Bank

Lesly Goh is the Senior Technology Advisor, former Chief Technology Officer of the World Bank Group. She is a Fellow at the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) Judge Business School and Senior Fellow at the National University of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. Lesly advises policymakers on the regulatory impact of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and 5G, Cloud and Edge Computing. Lesly is on the Board of Directors for Singapore GovTech and is a member of the WEF Global Future Council on Data Policy and Transformation Leaders Network. Through her extensive experience in the public and private sectors, she cultivates strategic partnerships for agriculture digital transformation by leveraging data and technology innovations.

Panji Wasmana

National Technology Officer, Microsoft

Panji Wasmana is the National Technology Officer at Microsoft. His almost 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry includes planning, design, development, and integration of small to enterprise application systems. Panji is passionate about exploring new edge technology such as blockchain, IoT, AI, cloud, and Quantum computing and uses those technologies to develop Digital Transformation agenda for the clients. His academic experience includes developing modules and curriculum, teaching at the graduate and postgraduate level, and supervising students’ thesis. His specialties are Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Research Methodology, Agile practice, Blockchain, Cloud design, Cognitive technology, and Enterprise Design thinking.

Kelvin Wijaya

Chief Technology Officer, TaniHub

Kelvin Wijaya is the Chief Technology Officer of TaniHub Group, an agriculture-focused e-commerce, and crowd-lending platform. He has been part of a wide range of tech industries including manufacturing, finance, gaming, and digital agencies to mention a few. He started as a PHP programmer and a Cisco Associate (CCNA) before specializing in the architecture and building process of enterprise-scale system architecture. At TaniHub, Kelvin leads the Product and Software Engineering team to create solutions to solve challenges in the agricultural supply chain in Indonesia, in order to both solve complexity and help farmers to have a better quality of life. He leads a team of technology specialists in product and engineering to develop a unique kind of financing solution especially for farmers and agricultural projects in Indonesia. He received his Bachelor’s degrees both in Applied Statistics and Computer Science from Binus University.

Professor Arif Satria

Rector, IPB University

Professor Arif Satria is the Rector of Institute Pertanian Bogor (IPB), or IPB University, Indonesia. He has been Dean of the Faculty of Human Ecology IPB since 2010, having previously been a lecturer in the Department of Social Economics for Fisheries. He is currently the Chairman of the Indonesian Forum of Rectors for the year 2020. He was also an adviser to the Indonesian Minister of Marine and Fisheries in 2012. Dr. Arif has been actively involved in the development of marine and fisheries policies since 2002, including the preparation of the Blue Economic Concept, as well as a number of Government and Ministerial Regulations. He served as a visiting fellow at the University of British Columbia, Canada. He received his Bachelor's degree in Social Economics from the Faculty of Agriculture (IPB), then continued his Master's in Rural Sociology from IPB and earned his Doctorate in Marine Policy from the University of Kagoshima, Japan.

Wei-Li Woo

Innovation Lead, GrowAsia

Wei-Li Woo is the Innovation Lead at Grow Asia, a multi-stakeholder partnership platform that catalyzes action on inclusive agricultural development action in Southeast Asia. The platform convenes governments, farmers, NGOs, and other stakeholders to co-create value chain initiatives focused on smallholder farmers and the environmental sustainability of agriculture. Grow Asia was established by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat. She manages Grow Asia's Digital Program, which brings together business, government, and NGO leaders who share a commitment to using digital innovations to make smallholder value chains more productive and sustainable. Wei-Li holds a Master of Arts in Development Studies, focused on Agrarian Food and Environmental Studies from Erasmus University Rotterdam, and a Bachelor of Arts in Government from Cornell University.

Prasetya Dwicahya

Tech and Development Policy Professional, Data Science Indonesia (DSI)

Prasetya Dwicahya is a tech-for-development professional who focuses on delivering innovation in complex public sector settings. He is currently working at Telkom Indonesia as a Senior Tribe Innovator for the education sector. Prior to his current role, Prasetya has spent the last 7 years at the World Bank assisting the Government of Indonesia in technology and development issues related to government digital transformation, open data, and data-driven policymaking. In addition to his professional role, Prasetya actively works with various non-profit organizations that advocate better decisions through his involvement as an Advisor in Data Science Indonesia and as a Fellow in Think Policy. Prasetya holds a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from the National University of Singapore.

Ageng S Herianto

Deputy Programme Lead, Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO), Indonesia

Dr. Ageng Herianto is the Deputy Programme Lead of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in Indonesia. At FAO Indonesia, Ageng leads the Programme Team as the backbone of the organization’s activities to support the Indonesian Government in developing a wide range of sectors from agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and rural development. Prior to joining the FAO, he has done distinctive work in the University of Gadjah Mada and ACIAR. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics from the University of Gadjah Mada. He has also done his Master’s degree in Development Communication at UPM Malaysia before receiving his PhD in Natural Resource Economics-International Rural Development from Kyoto University, Japan.

Wesley Harjono

Managing Partner, Plug and Play, Indonesia

Wesley Harjono started his career as the Head of the Treasury Department at Sinar Mas Bank upon graduating from the G.S Fame Business Institute of Philippines in 2003. Realized that his passion is for entrepreneurship, Wesley then pursued a Master of Business Administration at Fudan University in 2014. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Gan Konsulindo Group, an interconnected network of leading investment companies. Most recently, Wesley took the role of Managing Director for Plug and Play Indonesia, building the startup ecosystem, supporting President Jokowi’s initiative to make Indonesia the leader of the SEA digital economy.

Animesh Shrivastava

Lead Agriculture Economist, East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Region, The World Bank

Animesh Shrivastava is Lead Agriculture Economist for the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) Region of the World Bank Group. Prior to joining EAP, he was Program Leader for Central Asian countries, covering Agriculture, Water, Macro, Trade, Finance, and Competitiveness themes. Animesh is a member of the Agriculture Global Practice of the World Bank and has wide experience in rural sector issues including agriculture strategy and policies, agribusiness and market development, trade and competitiveness, integrated water and natural resources management, rural livelihoods development, and food and nutrition security issues. Animesh holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Oxford.

Vikas Choudhary

Senior Agriculture Specialist, East Asia, and Pacific (EAP) Region, The World Bank 

Vikas Choudhary is an Indian National and joined the World Bank Group in 2008 as a consultant at International Finance Corporation. For the past four years, he was based in Ethiopia and led the Agriculture team working in Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Eritrea. Currently, he is based in Jakarta and is leading the agricultural work program in Indonesia and Timor Leste. His interest areas are the food systems approach, climate-smart agriculture, value chains and agribusiness development, digital disruption in agriculture, resilience, and agriculture and rural development policy reforms. Prior to joining the Bank, he was Director, Global Economic Development at the Centre of High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn). He started his career with the Government of Rajasthan, India, and subsequently worked with CARE-India; set up a USAID agribusiness project; and co-founded a felt export business. He holds a Ph.D. in Development Anthropology and a Master’s in Public Administration from Syracuse University, USA, and a Management degree from the Indian Institute of Forestry Management, India. 

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Very good presentation!


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Harvesting Innovations for Agricultural Transformation in Indonesia (Indonesian Bahasa)


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Quite interesting presentation by a galaxy of learned professionals. Good initiative to catalyze innovation, modernization, and entrepreneurship of the agriculture sector through the use of data and digital technology.
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