Developing a Business Continuity Plan
Self-Paced eLearning

Developing a Business Continuity Plan

The course is designed to guide officials of government agencies in developing a BCP for their ministries or organizations. It aims to help course participants in developing a well-thought out strategic plan to ensure continued operation of critical functions that impact government operations and services during times of crisis. Crisis can be natural, technological, or manmade: eg. Covid19 pandemic, Cyclone/typhoon risk, flood, tsunami, cyber-attacks, prolonged loss of electricity, explosion/terrorism…etc. 

The course offers participants a self-paced learning journey, with step-by-step guidance. It shares international experience, guides the process for BCP development and assists participants to complete and finalize the required templates for BCP development. Participant will learn to identify different types of threats and hazards, understand the government’s potential weaknesses and threats to deliver essential services in times of crisis, and take pre-emptive measures to serve the people during a crisis, thereby minimizing the likely negative impacts of the crisis on the government’s ability to deliver important services. 

As a part of the self-paced e-course, participant will engage in an action learning exercise that aims to help them reflect and analyse their organization’s function, systems and processes, capacity, resources and readiness to response to crisis situation  to ensure that functions which are critical to the operations of the government can continue during emergencies, despite any disruptions to normal operations.

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- Jun 1, 2022
Very necessary for all African Government Agencies to learn

jose luis

- May 29, 2022


- Feb 27, 2022
Very topical


- Feb 23, 2022
Very useful program


- Feb 10, 2022


- Nov 12, 2021


- Nov 12, 2021


- Sep 23, 2021
Nice course,
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