Designing MRV Systems for Entity-Level Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Self-paced)

Designing MRV Systems for Entity-Level Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Self-paced)

The concept of Measuring (and monitoring), Reporting and Verification (MRV) has gained significance in the design and implementation of climate change policy in the recent years, and more so after the Paris Agreement. Greenhouse gas reporting programs provide a platform to gather emissions data from entities and help mainstream emissions measurement and reporting. The course aims to support policymakers and practitioners in developing economy-wide or sector-specific GHG reporting programs that address national and sub-national priorities and objectives. It is divided in three modules and enables users to:

• Enhance their knowledge of the concept and significance of MRV

• Understand what constitutes a GHG reporting program, and the range of objectives that reporting programs can serve

• Identify the legal framework needed to anchor the mandatory reporting program

• Determine the capacities necessary to establish and implement reporting programs

• Engage stakeholders during various phases of development and implementation of the reporting program

• Understand various design elements that form the core of GHG reporting programs and key factors that influence design-related decisions

• Delve deeper into three of the existing GHG reporting programs to further comprehend the concepts discussed in the course

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Submitted 11:30 pm, December 17, 2018

Can anybody suggest me about the course? I am really interested to build my capacities around Climate Change science. Please suggest me about the good climate change courses.


Submitted 6:37 am, September 27, 2018

Usefull to enhance basic skill

Jesús Manuel

Submitted 4:13 pm, June 20, 2018



Submitted 12:57 am, June 13, 2018



Submitted 2:01 pm, May 25, 2018

Good guidelines


Submitted 1:13 am, January 30, 2018

Excellent guidelines covered in the course....very useful


Submitted 3:35 pm, January 19, 2018

Nice Course


Submitted 12:48 am, November 5, 2017



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Submitted 8:21 am, May 11, 2017

Good course, provides knowledge on achieving #SDG17 (Climate Action)

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