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Designing Accreditation and Verification of Carbon Pricing Instruments

Carbon pricing instruments (CPIs) involve large legal and financial interests. Trust in the accuracy and integrity of the reported data is therefore a prerequisite for a well-functioning instrument. To ensure accuracy and integrity of data a robust monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) system is essential. Verification is essential to enhance trust in a carbon pricing system. Where systems have large financial implications, participation is voluntary or international exchange of units is planned, this trust is paramount for successful implementation. The webinar, showcasing the guidebook, aims to help regulators to better understand their options in designing a verification system tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

About the Presenters

Harikumar Gadde

Hari is a Senior Carbon Finance specialist in the Carbon Markets and Innovation practice of the Climate Change Group in the World Bank. He has been working on climate change related issues, especially on carbon markets and carbon pricing for more than a decade. He is one of the leading members of the Article 6 work program for piloting next generation of carbon market concepts in the World Bank and also supports the technical work program of various funds like Partnership for Market Readiness, Carbon Partnership Facility, Carbon Initiative for Development. He is also a country focal point for three of the PMR implementing countries. His recent work profile includes working on piloting scaled up crediting program in Sri Lanka, developing a concept for transitioning existing CDM projects to post 2020 environment and supporting countries readiness on Article 6.

Machtelt Oudenes

Machtelt Oudenes (LLM), has 18 years’ experience in drafting environmental legislation and guidance, carrying out policy evaluation studies and giving advice on Environmental Law and Climate Change. She is also an expert in carbon pricing instruments and monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation. Since 2003 she has carried out many MRVA projects for the European Commission, other organisations and public authorities. A sample of her work includes supporting the Commission in drafting the EU ETS Accreditation & Verification Regulation and related guidance material. Machtelt has advised public authorities in Europe, Turkey and China on how to design MRVA and legal frameworks. She has provided MRVA training to industry, regulators, verifiers and accreditation bodies. She is one of the main authors of the PMR Guide on Designing Accreditation and Verification of Carbon Pricing Instruments.

Lucy Candlin

Lucy is an independent assurance expert with 19 years’ experience in GHG verification - conducting GHG audits since 2000 for a range of programmes; and she has been an ISO14065 accreditation technical expert/assessor. Lucy has provided advice/training to regulators and verifiers working on the California ETS (and precursor programmes covering emissions reporting, trading and offsets); the South Korean mandatory reporting programme/ETS; and the EU ETS. Lucy is currently co-chair (MRVA) for the UK ETG which act as a focal point on GHG verification and accreditation activities for UK operators, regulators, and verifiers.

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Great course! informative and knowledgeable documents.

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Designing Accreditation and Verification of Carbon Pricing Instruments


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Innovative instrument that greatly helps on MVR


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