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Design Thinking Workshop - Improving Service Delivery Through Security Sector Governance - Part 2

"This session explores how design thinking can make project design more people-centric and interactive."

What would change Iraqi peoples' lives to meet their most pressing individual-level security and justice needs? What could an actionable project prototype look like? Building on the concepts of the introductory video and the experience from the solutions labs, this Live presents how design thinking was used as a methodology, some of the prototypes that were developed by the small groups, and relevant observations for security and justice sector reform programming.

This session offered by DCAF-ISSAT. This session is part of the Fragility Forum 2020 Virtual Series.

About the Presenters

Victoria Walker

Assistant Director DCAF and Head of DCAF’s International Security Sector Advisory Team

Victoria Walker has been with DCAF since 2008, focusing on security and justice governance and strategic engagement by the international community, with experience in assessments, evaluations and programme design in Africa, LAC, the Balkans and Asia-Pacific. Previously she worked in EU missions on Rule of Law, DDR and political advising.

Kilian Karg

Dipl. Psychologist, Protellus – Sustainable Design Thinking

Kilian Karg (@KilianKarg) is CEO, cofounder and project leader at Protellus, a Europe-based agency for sustainable innovation. As lead facilitator, creative and process consultant, Kilian supports the agile development of human centered solutions across all SDGs. He trains teams for the implementation of User Centered Design for sustainable development. His methodological approach is constantly further developed through global knowledge exchange and research. Kilian is a psychologist (University Innsbruck) and design thinker (HPI School of Design Thinking).

Nesreen Barwari

Associate Professor, University of Duhok

Dr. Barwari is an associate professor of good governance and urban planning, advisor to the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government and country representative for FWE (Friends of Waldorf Education). Dr. Barwari previously served as Minister of Municipalities and Public works under Iraq’s government and as Minister of Reconstruction and Development in the Kurdistan regional government.

Viola Csordas

Security Sector Reform Officer, DCAF-ISSAT

Viola Csordas  (@ViolaCsordas) has worked on security sector reform, peacebuilding and humanitarian aid. At DCAF, she has been closely involved with the SSR process in the Gambia, providing support on integrated approaches to SSR and building civilian capacities. Viola holds a master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy.

Camilla Arvastson

Project Assistant, DCAF-ISSAT

Camilla Arvastson (@camilla_arv) works in the Knowledge and Outreach team in DCAF where she develops knowledge products and operational tools in the area of SSR and contributes to methodology and guidance products on country-specific and thematic issues. Camilla holds a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies from Uppsala University.

Target Audience

Practitioners and general public

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