Demystifying Agricultural Innovation Systems: Examples from Agriculture Staff

These short bites will illustrate that while the concept of AIS can seem complicated, it is actually a process that strengthens and enables long term sustainable agriculture outcomes. By illustrating AIS with concrete examples and stories that typify an AIS tool, we hope to show that AIS need not be a complicated end-procedure but rather a method leading to sustainable agricultural productivity... view more


Making Connections

Willem discusses how innovation in Agriculture can be applied to get the most value out of agriculture projects.


Know the Stakeholders

Holger discusses different stakeholders in the Uruguay project who creatively advance the future of sustainable cattle farming.


Being a Knowledge Broker

Eija will discuss a Finnish example and the India National Innovation Program Workshop.


Finding the Right Tool

Maurizio discusses the changes to wheat agriculture in Kazakhstan through research partners and public support.


A Diversity of Players

Melissa shares examples from African agricultural research priorities, and investment into Regional Research Centers.

About the Presenters

Willem Janssen

Lead Agriculturist in the Africa Region in the Agriculture Practice.

Holger Kray

Works in the Latin American Region as a Lead Economist in the Agriculture Practice.

Eija Pehu

Science Adviser in the Agriculture Practice.

Maurizio Guadagni

Senior Rural Development Economist in the ECA Region in the Agriculture Practice.

Melissa Brown

Agricultural Economist in the Africa Region in the Agriculture Practice.